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The Clarion of Consciousness is the name of the free monthly Newsletter, delivered to your Inbox on the 1st of each month, if you subscribe. Please see the subscription form at the bottom of this page.


The Clarion of Consciousness provides information on the following subjects: Consciousness, Conscious Awareness, Self-Healing, Self-Help, Self-Improvement & Self-Empowerment. There will also be current news and views. I invite you to contribute your story, experience, information, knowledge, and experience, pertinent to the intention of this Newsletter, which will be considered for possible publication. Your submission can be any length, but not more than 400 words. If this resonates with you, please send me a message on the Contact Page, describing your intention, and I will reply by email. Thank you.


Below is the newsletter dated 1st November, 2020, just prior to the creation of the Clarion of Consciousness. Around the 10th of each month the current Clarion of Consciousness will be featured here.

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Newsletter 1st November, 2020




Dear Newsletter Subscriber,

The news of the month is that we are still being stretched with this Covid 19 debacle. More information is surfacing, in spite of media censorship, from doctors and scientists all over the world, which directly opposes that which we have all be told, and that which we are obliged to do. This includes the wearing of masks, social distancing and lockdowns, all of which have already caused severe damage to the economy of most countries, destroyed far too many businesses, damaged the school/educational system, damaged peoples’ jobs and livelihoods, physical health (notwithstanding the virus effects) mental health, and the list goes on. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that when the cure is far worse than the disease, there is a huge problem. How we are going resolve this huge problem is anyone’s guess.

I can only say that we have been presented with an opportunity to learn many lessons, which seem to have been missed by most people, and fear and chaos remain, together with increased suffering of the people. Of course, I do not intend to offer any ideas of a solution to the suffering of those who have severe viral infection, but, I do feel that that we have been lied to and grossly deceived. Therefore, it is upto the individual to learn and educate themselves, in order to find their own solution.

On a personal note, I fervently believe that taking good care of one’s body and immune system is of paramount importance. To do that successfully, one is to learn what is the best approach for that individual and their individual constitution. I chose to be a vegan following the Ayurveda Dietary Lifestyle, which works very well for me, and I am happy to discuss this with anyone who is interested.

The Election

The Election in America on the 3rd November, is pivotal to what happens in that country and in the world, because of America’s influence all over the globe. I feel that this election is the defining moment for the USA, and we will see if progress is chosen, or the opposite.

Raised Vegetable Beds

I have decided, with a close friend, to create two large raised vegetable beds, so that we will be able to grow sufficient food, removing the necessity to go food shopping considerably. I have also gathered sufficient dry food, like rice, beans, lentils, quinoa, to name a few, so that should supplies be disrupted due to the forthcoming changes, we will not be so adversely affected, for s few months. On the other hand, I am well prepared, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for whatever may come down the pike, knowing that my only protection is whatever consciousness I am able to develop within myself.

I feel it is of vital importance that we are as balanced as we can be so that we do not succumb to fear and chaos. It is important, in fact, vital, for our survival to keep our focus on whatever positive changes we can make within us, individually. As we succeed in this endeavour, all else will resolve itself.

The Holographic Universe

Many years ago, I became acquainted with the concept that our physical Universe is a Virtual Simulation that is Holographic in nature, and recently, I was presented with a video of a de-classified government (USA) document that acknowledges, supports and proves this assertion, by the scientist Thomas Campbell of the Monroe institute.
This prompted me to write an article/Blog which can be seen on my website, and the link is below. I include, in my article, the video of the de-classified document, and another video with two other scientists saying the same thing. I also recommend an excellent book I read many years ago, entitled, The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot.

I have quite a few thoughts and feelings about this subject, which do stimulate a vast panoply of possibilities, and although I do ask many questions there are a myriad of possible answers. I welcome discussing this with anyone who is interested. Please let me know your thoughts on this subject.

The Perfection of Speech
This is my latest endeavour, which is explained in my Blog/Article, the link for which is below. I think you may find this subject of interest, if not unusual. I welcome your comments.

I wish you have a peaceful and healthy month of November, and beyond.

Anthony Altman


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