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(PLEASE NOTE: All international workshops have been put on hold for the time being, as I am not traveling for the moment. Instead, I will be offering Webinars & Lectures using the Zoom platform on computers, tablets & Smart Phones. Thank you, Anthony Altman.)

Webinar/Lectures using the Zoom platform:

I am using the basic, free version of Zoom’s wonderful webinar platform, and that means this webinar is limited to 100 participants, and the the webinar is 40 minutes maximum, although Zoom, kindly, extended my first webinar, ‘The Truth Shall Set Us Free,’ and the meeting ended after 1 1/2 hours.
My intention is to provide information that is helpful in Self-Healing, Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Self-Empowerment, Expanding Conscious Awareness and Raising Consciousness. We are in the midst of an incredible, unique, and timely opportunity to help ourselves and humanity to make positive changes by embodying more Divine Light, more Consciousness, more Conscious Awareness, so that, together, in a unified manner we will dispel the darkness that threatens us and our planet, right now. It is time for those who are Warriors of Light, Spiritual Warriors, Earth Angels, and all who have the intention to combine their energy and ‘Beingness’ to help us to transform darkness into Light, chaos into order, hate into love, illness into well-being, poverty into prosperity, destruction into construction. Planet Earth wants YOU to be YOU, and together, we are to triumph over all evil and oppression. Please inform your appropriate friends of these webinars. Thank you. 

The following Webinar video was recorded on the 13th April, 2020, using the Zoom platform. Please note the sound begins after 54 seconds. I successfully recorded the last 1:03:49.

The Truth Shall Set Us Free! 13th April, 2020


The next scheduled FREE Zoom Webinar is:

Topic: The Sub-Conscious Mind: Its true function! The Sub-Conscious Mind is not designed to run our lives!
The Time: Saturday, 18th April, 2020 at 16:00/4:00 PM Jerusalem/GMT+3 hours
(Greenwich Meridian Time)

To join this FREE Zoom Webinar/Meeting, please send me a message on the Contact Page, with your request to participate, and the Website link/URL, event ID & password will be emailed to you. I look forward to seeing you. If you are in any doubt as to your time zone, in your message provide your nearest big city & country, and I will inform you of your correct local time.


The Next Free Webinar is on 20th April, 2020.

Topic: The Truth Shall Set Us Free! Truth is Structured in Consciousness. This Webinar is scheduled particularly for India, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. The time is 5:00pm/17:00 Melbourne, Australia time. Or, Greenwich Meridian Time/GMT+10 hours.

To join this FREE Zoom Webinar/Meeting, please send me a message on the Contact Page, with your request to participate, and the Website link/URL, event ID & password will be emailed to you. I look forward to seeing you. If you are in any doubt as to your time zone, in your message provide your nearest big city & country, and I will inform you of your correct local time.


The Next Free Webinar is on 23rd April, 2020.

The Topic is: Meditation: What it is and what it is not. I will explain How and Why Meditation works, and why not. Meditation is the greatest tool for Self-Healing and Self-Improvement. The time is 4:00pm/16:00 Jerusalem, Israel/GMT+3 hours.

To join this FREE Zoom Webinar/Meeting, please send me a message on the Contact Page, with your request to participate, and the Website link/URL, event ID & password will be emailed to you. I look forward to seeing you. If you are in any doubt as to your time zone, in your message provide your nearest big city & country, and I will inform you of your correct local time.


A personal message by Anthony Altman about Authenticity, inviting your collaboration to: “Be The Change We Wish To See In Our World.

The above video, Authenticity, indicates the recent changes that govern the way I am to present myself and the workshops and Webinars I present.


The following Workshop information is not active at this time, but will give you an idea of the possibilities, and which can be re-activated at a later date.

Workshop Venues:

I plan on presenting few free webinars as an introduction to the work I do, and details of which will be posted here very soon. The workshop in the USA is delayed for the time being, as described in my above video, Authenticity.

United Kingdom: I am actively seeking a venue, and developing a comprehensive two day workshop in Glastonbury, Somerset. Details will be posted here at a later date.

Israel: The first Israeli Workshop event will be at Kibbutz Gesher Haziv, 5 kilometres North of Nahariya (Train Station), on the North West Coast. The tentative dates are the 3rd & 4th January, 2020. As soon as there are sufficient attendees, I will be able to confirm all the details. In the meantime, if you are interested, please send me a message on the contact page, and I will provide the latest information, including cost. However, the webinars will also serve the Israelis.

I focus on the development of human development, expanding conscious awareness, raising consciousness, and various means of Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Self-Healing, including Body, Mind and Soul/Spirit. In this respect, I have written 16 books in these genres, and which can be seen on the Bookstore page of this website.

If this information resonates with you, I suggest you watch the complete 17 minute video below, where I go in much more detail.

Thank you, Anthony

The following video introduces my Workshop/Seminar, ‘Master Class in Consciousness,’ the intention of which is to find your own inner Master already residing within you! The workshop is for two days, either on a weekend, or weekdays, depending upon what is offered, and what is in demand by a sufficient number of people. It is an experience that can help you to recognize your own weaknesses, and strengthen them, your own limitations and resolve them, to change unwanted learned, negative sub-conscious beliefs and patterns of behavior, and to be able to improve your own health. I will share much information that will help each participant to help themselves deal with their own life challenges more effectively.

Introduction to the Master Class in Consciousness Workshop

Workshop/Seminar Structure

There are 4 Parts: The Mind, The Heart, The Body, The Soul.

The Purpose of the Workshop is multi-fold:

To Make Positive Changes in the Sub-Conscious Mind.

To Reconnect with The Heart.

To Regain Optimal bodily Good Health

To Reconnect with The Soul

To Expand Conscious Awareness

To Raise Consciousness

To Help Others!

The Learning Process of this Workshop includes:

The sub-conscious mind, what meditation is and is not, and how it may succeed or fail, Mindfulness, Affirmations, the value and efficacy of Affirmations, Regaining and maintaining good physical health/dietary lifestyles, Karma & Re-incarnation, Questions & Answers, Sharing.

The Practice Includes:

Meditation practice, breathing/pranayama practice, Visualization, Ho’OponoPono Forgiveness, Mindfulness.

After The Workshop:

To continue learning, To continue practicing whatever you resonate with, To talk the talk, and walk the walk, To Heal, Resolve, Release & Improve OneSelf, To help others do likewise, To help change the world positively by Being That.

Master Class in Consciousness

2 Day Workshop Programme

Day 1

Introduction to: Body, Mind, Heart & Soul, and the healing/balancing thereof.

Set the intention for the workshop

“The consciousness that created the problem CANNOT be the same consciousness to resolve it.” Albert Einstein.

The issues facing humanity are:

  1. Chaos & Disharmony
  2. Apathy, resistance to change positively
  3. Different Soul Age Groups
  4. Differing Conscious Awareness
  5. Different Levels of Consciousness
  6. Different degrees of karma to work through.
  7. Psychological Dysfunction/Imbalance
  8. Body/Mind/Soul imbalance
  9. Inappropriate Dietary Lifestyle & Physical Suffering.

The Possible Means to Resolve Human Suffering are:

  1. Change Learned Negative Beliefs & Patterns of Behaviour stored in the sub-conscious mind.
  2. Develop the connection with the Heart Centre/Chakra.
  3. Improve Physiological Health
  4. Improve the connection between Body, Mind & Soul/Spirit.
  5. Raise Consciousness
  6. Utilize appropriate tools, techniques, modalities and Practices.

Explanation of the Three Part Mind: Conscious, Sub-Conscious & Super Conscious.

Heart Centre/Chakra: Explanation of its true function and Power!

Karma: What it is, how it works, and how we resolve the negative karma.

Explanation of Re-incarnation, Life Purpose/Destiny. I will share my own experiences, and others can also do so.

Explanation of Meditation: What it is, how it works, the correct and incorrect practices. Also an explanation of Vipassana, and other techniques, including Transcendental Meditation, Kriya Yoga, and more.

Explanation and practice of Pranayama – Alternate Breathing

Explanation how to practice The Void Meditation, for those who do not know how to meditate. A simple, yet effective technique.

Meditation Practice

Explanation and Practice of Ho’OPonoPono from Hawaii: The art of healing through Forgiveness.

Write down an issue to address/resolve – Questions/Sharing

Dietary Lifestyle: Discussion of different forms, Including: Ayurveda, Raw food diet, Blood Type Diet, MacroBiotic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Carnivore, and Food Combining.

Visualization: Connecting with the Master Within for guidance.

Sharing and Questions

The Healing Power of GRATITUDE!

Expanded Explanation of the Sub-Conscious Mind:

  1. Programming: Most of us have allowed/given our subconscious minds the job to run our lives, which it is not designed to do, and we suffer. The job to run our lives is really the heart, and better still, the harmony of Heart & Mind, together. A full explanation!
  2. Sub-Conscious Mind is negatively programmed by: Repetitive Entrainment, Trauma/Stress/Fear, Alpha State influences. Positive Programming is done in the same way. Full explanation!
  3. Sine Wave example of one thought cancelling another.
  4. How to change unwanted sub-conscious mind programming in the Alpha State (8-12 hz brain wave patterns)
  5. How and why the use of Affirmations succeeds and fails.

Demonstrating and instruction of EFT (Emotional Freedom technique, also known as Tapping

Explanation how Hypnosis succeeds where other therapies do not.  

Demonstration of: the Pendulum (Instruction how to make your own pendulum, if you do not have one), Finger Muscle Checking and arm muscle checking (kinesiology).

Day 2

Meditation Practice

Sharing, Questions.

Explanation how this formula operates for success: Choice, Permission, Intention, Focus, Courage, Application

Explanation of: Face it, Embrace it, Erase it!  In order to triumph over challenges.

Explanation of F.E.A.R, and why fear does not really exist, and how to transcend it.

Remote Viewing: Instruction and practice.

Discussion of The 8 Universal Laws

The Divine Purpose of Relationships

The Power of This Moment: No Past or future, only NOW.

Life & Death: Two sides of the same coin. To know what death is and is not, is to know life. In truth there is no death.

For every symptom there is a cause. For every cause, there is a cure. We are just to find it, and we do so by removing the limitations that prevent us.

Demonstration and practice of Mudras, hand postures that complete energetic circuits.

Explanation of the Native American Ceremony of Smudging

Questions, Sharing, Recap

Visualization/Guided Meditation: Past Life Recall.


Write down new programmes/beliefs/patterns of behavior, to be used in Alpha Brain Wave State, as explained earlier.

All seemingly negative experiences become positive when the lesson is learned!!!

Recap of Everything, Questions/Sharing

End of Workshop.

This covers most of the workshop content. Join me for 2 days of an in-depth immersion that can help Heal, Resolve, Transcend and Release limitations and bring forth The Master within! There may be some changes, depending upon the energy of the group.