In this section, I present my new series of Self-Healing videos, each of which is a synopsis of a book I have written on Self-Healing, Self-Improvement, Self-Help, and Self-Empowering, of which there are 16 such books. These books can be viewed on the Bookstore page of this website. I am planning to have a similar number of videos describing each book so that you may have a better understanding of what is offered in each book. I welcome your constructive comments, and you can send me a message on the Contact page. Please share these videos with anyone who you feel will benefit from the information contained herein. Thank you.

The above video is my introduction to my new Self-Healing series.

To know your true and authentic Self, is to know who you are, and what your destiny and purpose are.


The Pathless Path is a journey of choice, to develop your greater Spiritual Human Potential.

This video by Gregg Braden is so profound, that I include it here. Please see my commentary on this video, below.


This is my commentary on Gregg Braden’s video, The Hopi Prophecy Rock (above), which I suggest you watch first, then watch this afterwards. I invite your comments.

Changing Times & Consciousness. (3:31 minutes)

Anthony Altman talks about the process of change. Our 3D physical reality is not what it seems. Prepare for major change!

From Dissonance to Resonance. (3:20 minutes)

Most dissonance is the consequence of impeded perception and the process of changing frequencies when ascending in consciousness.

Am I Happy?   (6:23 minutes)

Authentic happiness arises from within, by raising consciousness. Everything else is a temporary distraction.

A Sombre Caution!   (7:21 minutes)

We, humans, now have the greatest opportunity for positive internal change of the individual, and our society as a whole, if we choose such! It is time for us to Wake Up!

The Feather – Resistance! (5:02 minutes)

Birds fly due to resistance of the air against their wings. How does resistance affect human beings?

The Ascension Process.     (4:54 minutes)

The process of Ascension of consciousness & the Cosmic Flower of Life.

Reality is not Real! (3:34 minutes)

If reality is not real, what is it? A Holographic illusion!