A personal message about Authenticity, inviting your collaboration to:
“Be The Change We Wish To See In Our World.

Changing Times & Consciousness. (3:31 minutes)

Anthony Altman talks about the process of change. Our 3D physical reality is not what it seems. Prepare for major change!

From Dissonance to Resonance. (3:20 minutes)

Most dissonance is the consequence of impeded perception and the process of changing frequencies when ascending in consciousness.

Am I Happy?   (6:23 minutes)

Authentic happiness arises from within, by raising consciousness. Everything else is a temporary distraction.

A Sombre Caution!   (7:21 minutes)

We, humans, now have the greatest opportunity for positive internal change of the individual, and our society as a whole, if we choose such! It is time for us to Wake Up!

The Feather – Resistance! (5:02 minutes)

Birds fly due to resistance of the air against their wings. How does resistance affect human beings?

The Ascension Process.     (4:54 minutes)

The process of Ascension of consciousness & the Cosmic Flower of Life.

Reality is not Real! (3:34 minutes)

If reality is not real, what is it? A Holographic illusion!