The Climate Change Hoax!

The Climate Change Hoax!

Anthony Altman

The Climate Change Hoax!

Today, Friday, 5th July, 2019, I read in the Daily Mail British newspaper that a team in Switzerland has competed a study, which tells them that if we planted 3 trillion trees, which would cover an area of the size of the USA, two thirds of the carbon pool would be absorbed.

With respect, please read that again!

That article incensed me to write this blog, in the hope that, maybe, a few people will start sharing this information, although, I am extremely doubtful this news will have any beneficial effect on humanity. Why, do you ask? Simply, because for the last 50 years, or so, we have been busy DESTROYING the Amazon Rainforests, which we all knew were the lungs of our planet, and this Swiss team has just become aware of it. In other words, if humans can be this stupid, this unaware, displaying such low consciousness, what hope is there that we will survive much longer, considering the destruction we are wreaking upon our planet, and the increasing lunacy we are witnessing day after day.

Yes, I am departing from my usual optimism, and feeling quite sad, at least today. To add insult to injury, The Paris Climate Change Accord is being touted the Earth’s lifesaver, which, says nothing and does nothing to protect the rainforests, or, even present a plan to plant billions of trees to offset the Carbon Dioxide excess on our planet, at this time. People are being taught that the real cause of Climate Change is the consequence of all our emissions of cars and factories, and we must cut all that right down. Nothing, as far as I have read, mentions in any way, that there are ways to offset our carbon footprint by several natural means, which I list below;

  1. Preserve every tree on the planet. If a tree has to be removed, plant another in its stead. Superior intelligence is not required for this. Grow more trees. Cover the planet!
  2. Cease all animal slaughter for human consumption! I have read that the carbon footprint of the forced rearing and slaughter of about 1 billion animals every year creates a carbon footprint greater than all the cars on the planet. People should be more interested and educate themselves on this, but many prefer to be ignorant. I write this as a Vegan, and I, at 73 years of age, am healthier than many my age and younger. Humans DO NOT HAVE TO EAT ANIMAL FLESH TO EXIST! In fact, considering everything, eating animal flesh is deleterious to your health. ALL protein comes from plants. Where do you think the animals, that are eaten, get their protein from?

The reason I am unhappy today, is that most humans, allow the dysfunctional leaders and Industrial Complex to dictate terms, and we know that, to them, money is more important than survival. I write this because their actions bespeak of this, their rather greedy and stupid attitude to life. What will it take for sufficient humans to wake up and see they are being railroaded into a way of living that is going to cull billions of their numbers? It requires conscious awareness, something that few humans seem to consider important. In all my books I write about raising consciousness, so as to avoid this debacle, yet most do not even know what consciousness is, and I suppose that is why they are not interested in my books, because that is what I write about.

The truth is that science tells us there has been 5 mass extinctions of humanity, which must be during a period of about 350,000 to 450,000, because that is the approximate age of humanity. This means that about every 70,000 to 90,000 there appears to be a human mass extinction. The way we are proceeding right now, if we do not change our attitudes, expand our conscious awareness and raise our consciousness, we will create a 6th mass extinction. Yes! Very dramatic information! What will it take for more humans to realise what we are doing to ourselves?

There is a scientific concept known as: For every action there is an equal and opposite action. This is known as the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, otherwise known as Karma. Most people talk about, “what goes around comes around,” and that it is better to be kind than hateful, and so on. Yet, very few demonstrate this truth. Most people conduct themselves as if they do not care. This tells me that humanity is very sick, and until humanity starts healing itself, there will be dire consequences. Casual observation of human activities all over this planet gives you the information that should shock us all into action, yet, that is not the case.

The hour is late, and there are forces that are acting behind the scenes, controlling their puppets, of which most humans are unaware, do not want to be aware, and others who cannot care less. The consequence of this apathy is that humanity has become enslaved by those few shadowy figures, who only have that power the people allow them to have, by the people giving away their power to them. The people have become disenfranchised, manipulated, used, abused, and exploited, and it seems that they accept their self-created fate.

There is a power in the Universe, supported by Creation, and that power is EVOLUTION! Everything and everyone evolves, and those who limit this natural process are the ones who suffer the most. Everything does change, and people can make better choices, however, such choices are only possible with greater conscious awareness, and higher consciousness, all of which can be cultivated, developed and embodied, if such a choice is made.

I anticipate conditions are going to get much worse on this planet before they get better, and I am willing to enter into public dialogue with all who wish to develop these concepts for positive improvement. There is no excuse to remain ignorant, or to hide from the reality people have created for themselves by their actions or lack of any action.

I throw down the gauntlet, and challenge anyone to dialogue with me, if you are interested in Expanding Conscious Awareness and Raising Consciousness, and making positive changes within oneself. All others need not apply.

My only interest in this life is to continue Expanding my own Conscious Awareness, and Raise my own Consciousness, and to share what I know with others, to dialogue so that others may be inspired to do likewise. I welcome all and sundry who wish to make positive changes in their lives, and also wish to help others help themselves to do likewise. We can chart a new course for humanity. We begin with Choice and Intention!

With Love and Compassion for all, including animals, and our Planet.


I have just read this blog again, and I am somewhat amazed that I have become so direct and forthright. The feeling I have is that the gloves are to come off, and we, humans, are either going to get down to the business of Self-Healing, Self-Improvement and chart a better course for ourselves, and subsequently, for humanity, if we choose to do so, or not!
There is no White Knight in Shining armour riding into town on a great white horse to save us from ourselves. The saving of ourselves is all down to you and me! Are you up to it? Are you interested?

The only thing I have the power to change is myself. All the consciousness I can attain will not save this earth. I do believe I am one drop in the bucket of expanded awareness, and I am not alone.

Sarah, you pose an interesting thought. Indeed, each of us can only change ourselves, but, when there are sufficient Selves in the process of positive change, there comes a moment of, what is seen as, critical mass. This means, according to three dimensional physics, critical mass will create a wave of consciousness that will positively affect others. Many numbers have been banded about, but, 1% of the Earth’s population making a positive change, seems to be the required catalyst. In this way each of us can have an effect on the mass consciousness. However, 1% of 7 billion people is 70 million, and I cannot, yet, observe that we are anywhere near the requirement for critical mass. In any event, your comment is so valid, because it matters not what the masses do or do not do, if an individual is on the path of Self-Development, having achieved a modicum of success,that being will go where others cannot go. In other words, not everyone is going to ascend in consciousness at the same time. So, let us continue to work on ourselves in order to facilitate our own evolutionary progress, while hoping our endeavours may have some positive effect on the others.


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