First all, please allow me to inform you why I write books and articles; I have always acknowledged that I am also one who comes to be of service to others, by helping people to help themselves improve their lives by developing more of their innate consciousness, and expanding conscious awareness. I am not a teacher or guru! I am not even a healing arts practitioner anymore, as I am retired. Instead, I just share what I have learned and experienced in Self-Healing and Self-Improvement, with those who are interested. I feel it is incumbent upon myself to be of service to others accordingly, in the best way I can, and I love doing so, for its own sake. I really hope you enjoy reading any of my books and articles, and obtain sufficient information that is helpful to you, and if so, please help others by sharing that information and your experience. My purpose is to help inspire and motivate people to be their own teacher, healer, and to Self-Discover the authentic universal truth about themselves. Thank you.

My e-books can help promote Self-Healing, Self-Help, Self-Improvement, the expansion of Conscious Awareness and the Raising of Consciousness.

My new series, ‘Anthony’s Life Formulas for Success,’ are short books dealing with the resolution of pertinent issues, and can be printed by your computer. This is both economical and convenient. The first two books, Volumes 1 & 2 are 35 & 45 pages respectively. (The pages numbers are displayed with the synopsis of each book in the bookstore)

Celebrating The Aquarian Age: All Books at extremely Discounted Prices!

For a synopsis of any book, click on the book image or this button, ‘View Product.’ These e-books are available as PDF files, which will be automatically emailed to you upon your purchase. If, for any technological reason, you do not receive the PDF E-book, check your junk/spam file, which may have received the book. If not, please send me a message on the Contact Page, so I may resolve the matter promptly. Your purchase of any book on this website indicates that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of purchase.

E-books can be read on computers, computer pads and most smart telephones, however, E-book Readers are available, and can be found if you browse on the internet. I believe the prices begin from around $89.00, if you do not already have one.

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