The Divine Purpose of Relationships


As humans, our entire lives revolve around relationships of one sort or another. This includes the imperative relationship with oneself, with other people, with the environment, with all life forms. Part of our suffering is caused by the inability to develop positive, symbiotic, healthy relationships that are imperative for our very survival. This very important work is the sum total of all the experiences I have had with women, wives, sons, daughter, employers, employees, friends, family, a variety of animals, and everyone else with whom I have had some form of relationship. I have arrived at an astounding conclusion that the purpose of each and every relationship does have a divine purpose, which is to be as a mirror, reflecting back to us what we tend to project on to others that emanates from deep within ourselves, and largely, remains hidden in the sub-conscious mind. Each relationship, therefore can be as a key that unlocks a door of perception about ourselves, helping us to expand our conscious awareness, to heal wounds, to release limitations, to resolve past karma, and to change learned beliefs and learned patterns of behaviour about ourselves and the world around us, that no longer serve us well. This purpose is the foundation for personal liberation from the limitations imposed by society and what we bring with us, in the form of karma.

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