Karma is a Bitch!


My purpose in writing this small book, is to do my very best in conveying the message of “as you sow, so shall you reap.” It is akin to, “Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord.” Karma is the means by which justice is meted out by Creation, so that, whether it is in this lifetime, or the next, there is no escape from the consequences of anyone’s actions, whether they are life supporting or life damaging, for there is ‘Good Karma and Bad Karma.’ When more people think and act in life supporting ways, our Human Society will make a Quantum leap forward on the evolutionary path of consciousness. In this sense, Creation, The Divine I Am Presence, is throwing some intense energy at us on this planet, at this time, with the intention to help us learn some big Lessons of Life. Let us learn and thrive!

24 Computer pages



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