Guided Meditations

The following meditation is NOT a guided meditation. This is a simple, yet formal and effective meditation that you can learn and practice by yourself.

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Meditation – The Void, also known as The Empty Bowl.

There are several variations of this meditation, and I am sure you will find your own comfortable formula.

Sit in a comfortable position, with you back comfortably straight. Lean against a wall, or, if you prefer to sit without any support, you may want to place a cushion under your tailbone area, so that, that part of your body is slightly raised and you can sit in the lotus or half lotus position (folded legs) in a much more comfortable way.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Place your tongue behind your top teeth, touching the roof of your mouth. This completes an energetic circuit that is helpful in your body relaxing, and releases stress.
  3. Inhale through the nose, long and deep. Put your attention on your breath.

At the point when you pause in your inhalation, there is a gap – no breath – The Void! Put your attention there, and wait until your body begins to exhale (through the nose).

  • Follow the exhalation out of your lungs, until you get to that point, that gap, where there is no more exhalation – this is the other Void. Put your attention here and observe the Void. Follow the next inhalation until you get to the next void and then observe, without judgement. Be the witness of the void.
  • Follow this process for about 10 minutes, and no more than 20 minutes until you get used to this potent meditative process.
  • At the end of the meditation, allow your attention to wonder, and wait for about 2 minutes, before you open your eyes. Do not use an alarm clock.

The void is nothingness from which “everythingness” springs forth. This is the field of pure potential, which you can tap and utilize in your life as a powerful tool to raise your consciousness, release limitations, including negative karma. The void or ‘nothing’ contains within it, everything, and conversely, everything contains the potential of nothing. This is because we live in a three dimensional, polarized world of duality. As above – so below!

Meditation – ‘So Hum’

In this meditation we incorporate the breath and a mantra. The meaning of So-Hum is ‘I Am That,’ explained as follows; ‘So’ means “I am,’ while ‘Hum’ means ‘That.’ When we quietly say mentally (not out loud) ‘So,’ we are inviting the Divine Principle/Life to enter our being, and when we mentally say ‘Hum,’ we invite our limitations to leave us. This meditation is a very effective means to help create balance in our body, mind and spirit, as we harmonize with Cosmic Consciousness.

  1. Sit in a quiet place. Consciously think of your positive intent to be at peace with yourself.
  2. Place your hands in ‘jnana mudra,’ which is where each thumb is touching the tip of the index finger of each hand, forming a circle with each hand. I understand that this mudra/hand position signifies the circle of creation in its completeness, while the remaining three fingers represent Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the energy that causes change.
  3. Quietly observe your breath, and when you feel that moment when your breath relaxes, mentally (no sound) say ‘So’ as you inhale, while still observing the breath, inviting your ‘I Am Presence’ to be present. When these three principles, soundless sound (thought), breath, and conscious awareness (observation) unite, Cosmic Consciousness is stimulated by the light thus created.
  4. As you exhale say mentally (no sound), ‘Hum,’ maintaining awareness of the exhaling breath, you then invite all your limitations, out-of-balance ego, and anything that no longer supports you in a positive manner – to leave you, or be transformed into limitlessness.
  5. Be aware of the rhythm that develops and flow with it.
  6. If and when your mind wanders, bring it back to the mantra, and the breath.
  7. This is easy. There is no effort.
  8. Ten to 20 minutes is fine. At the conclusion of the meditation (do not use any kind of alarm. Just look at a clock), stop mantra and allow the mind to wander for about two minutes, then, slowly open the eyes.

As in each and every meditation technique, simplicity, effortlessness and naturalness are the way. In the event that a practitioner practices any of these meditation techniques incorrectly, stress is usually the result. Be aware, be mindfull, and observe your mind and body. Listen to what they may be telling you. If you feel that any of these techniques are too difficult for you to master, please do as I recommend, find a teacher. This is why I endorse the learning of TM, because the system of teaching and learning are extremely extensive, thorough and complete. I also welcome enquiries and questions, whereby I may be able to furnish you with helpful answers.

Hereunder are Individual Guided Meditations

The above video is a Guided Meditation which helps you Meet Your Higher Self. 23/March/2020, 14:50 minutes.

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The following five tracks of Audio Guided Meditations were professionally recorded by Anthony Bennett Altman at the New Market Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and they are offered on this website to those who would enjoy them, and reap benefit from them. Please note that these Guided Meditations are Copyright © Anthony Bennett Altman 2001, With All Rights Reserved.

Please be sure that, when you listen to them, you are in a safe place, not operating any machinery or driving a car, and that you are able to be in a quiet place, so that you may close your eyes, and allow yourself to be transported to that inner place where you can experience the Peace, Harmony, Well-Being that can lift your spirit and provide you with the benefits you seek. These Guided Meditations are good tools to help someone relax and to possibly change a redundant learned belief and a redundant learned pattern of behaviour.

1. Setting the energy, 3:27 minutes
2. Self-empowerment, 15:35 minutes
3. Prosperity, 20:42 minutes
4. Peace & harmony, 20:14 minutes
5. Good Health & Well-Being. 14:51 minutes