Guided Meditations

These 5 Tracks of Guided Meditations are offered to you FREE OF CHARGE!

These five tracks of Guided Meditations were professionally recorded by Anthony Bennett Altman at the New Market Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and they are offered on this website to those who would enjoy them, and reap benefit from them. Please note that these Guided Meditations are Copyright © Anthony Bennett Altman 2001, With All Rights Reserved.

Please be sure that, when you listen to them, you are in a safe place, not operating any machinery or driving a car, and that you are able to be in a quiet place, so that you may close your eyes, and allow yourself to be transported to that inner place where you can experience the Peace, Harmony, Well-Being that can lift your spirit and provide you with the benefits you seek. These Guided Meditations are good tools to help someone relax and to possibly change a redundant learned belief and a redundant learned pattern of behaviour.

1. Setting the energy, 3:27 minutes
2. Self-empowerment, 15:35 minutes
3. Prosperity, 20:42 minutes
4. Peace & harmony, 20:14 minutes
5. Good Health & Well-Being. 14:51 minutes