Blog/Article #B9, Three Groups of People.

Blog/Article #B9, Three Groups of People.

Anthony Altman

Blog/Article #B9, Three Groups of People.

Blog/Article #B9, Three Groups of People.

I am experiencing something that I find most provocative! I see, perhaps, three groups of people:

  1. People who seek freedom of expression, ease of living, without so many restrictions. Easy to do business with fewer limitations, so that everyone benefits. Freedom of expression without penalty, and few governmental controls. Entrepreneurship. People who reflect Universal Love, Universal Compassion, independence, strength and the acquisition of knowledge. These people seek positive change within themselves and elsewhere.
  2. The people of this group love governmental controls, and wants governmental handouts. They enjoy feeling the victim, and they like restrictions, to be told what to do, when and how to do it. They like being controlled, and they want others to also be controlled. They prefer suffering and lack, and are happy to wear masks, literally and figuratively, meaning that they do not mind being silenced. They dislike the people in group 1
  3. The people of this group of people have no idea what is going on and do not want to know. Ignorance is bliss. They will go wherever they are led, no questions. They have no desire to educate themselves, and stoically accept whatever life hands them, as long as they are handed something. This is the way life is, no change.

I identify with Group 1, without political references, because all of politics is suspect to me, and I feel there is a better system, as the examples we see clearly in life, do not work very well. Why? Do you ask? For a democracy, a legitimate democracy, to succeed, the individuals who make up such a people are to embody sufficient consciousness to support such a democracy, and this is the fly in the ointment. Consciousness is increasing with those who have awoken, but the vast majority are just not interested, and these are the people who prefer to remain asleep.

Today, in a recognised democracy, like the USA, we have seen how the Democrat party riots, and supports wreaking havoc, including the use of violence and the destruction of property. They feel they are sanctioned to do so, in order to change what was democratically established. This is not democracy at all, as it is intended! I further feel that humanity is at the ledge above the abyss, and like lemmings or sheep, they follow a leader of doctrine, or value that is taking them over the edge, and they are so myopic, they will only know their error when they are free falling into the abyss.

I know there is only death of the body, and the body is merely a Holographic projection of a Virtual Reality, set up by creation so that we may learn and grow in consciousness, or it is one big pin-ball machine, whereby we ought to be having fun, unless we are all pin-balls (LOL). The soul is immortal, and re-incarnates incessantly, until the objective of that soul is achieved. I observe the speech and actions of world leaders, and national leaders, and also the people who are being led/represented. The leaders from the bottom of the pyramid to the top have not yet learned how to live in peace, in love and compassion, without greed, corruption and deception.

The majority of the people at the base of the pyramid, the rank and file, also do not know what love and compassion are, neither do they know what peace and ease of living are. They suffer, and the dreadful realisation is that they meekly accept their suffering without knowing that they can improve their lives so much more, if they so chose!

I also observe that as the Cosmic Energies, as indicated by the Astrological influences, people are being pushed hard to heal, resolve their issues, and release that which limits them. A few, relatively speaking, use this opportunity to heal, resolve and release, and by so doing are weathering the various storms of change, indicated by the politics, economics, health systems, banking systems, and every other system, very well indeed.

Those who are not doing the work of Self-Improvement are the ones we see going crazy for no apparent reason. This is because they are not able to contain and sustain the higher frequency of energy we are experiencing on this planet. Such people include those who control this planet and are determined to fulfil their nefarious agenda to ensure their full control, so that they can live in the manner they wish, doing their dastardly deeds without restriction or penalty. These people certainly are not improving themselves, and I feel they, too, are going crazy for no apparent reason, and yet they dictate the terms by which we live, because we allowed them to do so.

Having said all this, I am convinced, the only way out of this mess is to ascend in consciousness, and that changes the game completely, because the evil ones, and those who have no desire to improve themselves, at least in this incarnation, want to prevent us from leaving this game, this 3D reality. That is why we are persecuted in some form, why we are ridiculed, and condemned.

I am not sure if this Earth ascends into a 5D reality, where those who are capable of sustaining this corresponding higher frequency will go, somehow.

Those who cannot, or choose not to raise their vibratory frequency, will somehow be moved to another 3D Planet of polarised duality, like this reality we are currently experiencing. There seems to be millions of such planets like this in our galaxy.

Such a shift can only be orchestrated by Creation.

The other possibility, is that those who are eligible to ascend in consciousness will reappear on a 5D planet, while the remaining humans will duke it out (fight it out) on this 3D planet, in this reality of duality, trial and tribulation, designed to help people ascend in consciousness, whenever they are ready to do so.

The journey of evolution never ceases.


Anthony Altman, 2nd November, 2020
(First published on Facebook, in my private group, Self-Mastery)

Collie Ambrose Aunson, I thank you for your kind words in support of the work I do. Check out Blog/Article #B11, and let me know if this is of interest to you.

Cindi Shay Boaten, I am delighted you enjoy my articles, and I am grateful for your comment in support of my efforts to provide helpful and interesting articles for all who are interested.

Nettie Sid Steve, Thank you for your kind words, and I am content this article has served you well.

I am writing three more articles, which should be posted in the next week or so, perhaps less. Keep an eye open for them. I am happy you enjoyed this blog/Article.


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