Blog/Article #B8, Political Corruption!

Blog/Article #B8, Political Corruption!

Anthony Altman

Blog/Article #B8, Political Corruption!

Blog/Article #B8, Political Corruption!

I know what I am about to post is contentious, and appears to be political, but, unfortunately, there is so much corruption, lies and evil that abound in this political drama, everywhere, not just the USA. I also know that I wish to keep myself devoid of religious dogma and political dogma, so that I can focus on all that which can help us to improve ourselves in whatever way we can.

However, because of the dark cloud that seems to have enveloped our planet, I wish to share my thoughts in terms of evil and Good, dark and Light, Higher Consciousness and lower consciousness.

I do not support Trump because I like him, I do so for what he has done under the most challenging circumstances. I feel he has to be a difficult man to achieve such good for the people.

I do not reject Biden because I do not like him, I do so because I cannot and will not support what he and his party stand for. In absolute particular, the intention to abort foetuses and babies even after birth. This is totally unacceptable to me, and so are other issues created by, what I see as, a totalitarian political party. I also see a tendency towards paedophilia by those in this party, although I feel that this evil (paedophilia) is also engaged by those in other parties too.

I oppose the ensuing violence propagated by those who are determined to undermine law and order, truth, honesty and integrity, which are all usurped by anarchy, corruption, evil (abortion, paedophilia), with the intention to be totalitarian in the way they wish to control all aspects of human society.

The most worrying aspect of all this is that approximately half the world population, maybe more at a guess, are people who either resonate with such evil, or could not care less, as long as someone is giving them something for, seemingly free (nothing is for free), not realising that when you make a pact with the devil you lose all your human rights. Such people become enslaved, and suffer. In fact, suffering has been an unwelcome guest for the masses of humans for millennia.

Most of these humans feel that money would alleviate their suffering, little do they know that money can do one of two things, depending on the state of consciousness of the individual: Improve living conditions or worsen living conditions. This philosophical and practical consideration should be discussed by everyone, but, it is ignored. I do know what I am talking about through my raw experiences of making and losing two fortunes in the earlier part of my life.

Few people realise that the higher the consciousness an individual can embody the better life is. By developing more of our innate consciousness, our lives improve on every possible level, including money and prosperity, according the measure of the individual.

Higher levels of Consciousness correlate to more Divine Light and less dark. It correlates to more goodness and less evil. It correlates to the well-being of all people, not just a few who are in control of the masses who suffer in misery. To be clear, misery has been present for so long, there are many people who feel misery is normal.

Many people object to what I say and write. I have been called all sorts of vile names, and of course, a conspiracy theorist as a negative label. I have written 20 books on Self-Help, Self-Improvement, and Self-Healing. I have written 44 articles, and have made videos, all of which reflect my single concept of Developing more of our Innate Consciousness. Unfortunately, most people do not know what consciousness is, even though they think they do, and they do not want to know the truth of it. Most people, it seems to me, are content to remain limited in thought, word and deed, and woe betide anyone who disturbs their illusion.

well, possibly, you and, I know that human society has now arrived at the crossroads of its destiny. Turning one way will lead to destruction, without a doubt. Some people call this the possible 6th mass extinction of the human species, having had the 5 previous mass extinctions, according to archeology. The other way will lead to a reconstruction and a Golden Age for everyone to enjoy. There is no common sense involved, no critical thinking, no higher consciousness of many more people. There is emotion and limitation, supported by ignorance, apathy, and lower consciousness, exemplified by the words and actions of the masses. I did write a book on consciousness, entitled The Emissaries of Consciousness, which is a valiant effort on my part, to explain the inexplainable, what consciousness is. This book is available on my website:

Whatever the results of all the corruption surrounding the presidential election in the USA, and the absurd three general elections for a Prime Minister in Israel, all of which failed, and its continuing saga, drama and trauma, if we, as a people of the world do not increase the amount of consciousness available to us, we will continue to experience what we have for millennia. Suffering will continue, and even get worse. To make a complete and positive change for the good of all, there is to be more Divine Light present in more people. More Consciousness, then and only then, will we, humans, alter our course away from the destruction on the rocks of ignorance, evil, apathy, hate, and lead ourselves towards a new horizon that offers us knowledge, Love, Compassion, well-being, and prosperity for all according to the measure of each.

The hour is so very late, and I have no idea how this world drama is to be played out, and that, to be honest, our only saviour is going to be in the form of a miracle. Is that miracle already taking form, which we are unaware of. The miracle may well be the awakening of many more people, who will embody more Divine Light. We will soon see.

Anthony Altman, 1st November, 2020.

(First published on Facebook, in my private group, Self-Mastery)

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