Blog/Article #B7, Fraud, Deception & Manipulation.

Blog/Article #B7, Fraud, Deception & Manipulation.

Blog/Article #B7, Fraud, Deception & Manipulation.

Today I feel depressed! It is 7th November, 2020, four days after the USA general election.

I observe how much fraud, lying and deception seems to be present in the USA presidential election. It seems that the fraudulent and illegal manipulation of the votes is being underwritten by the Democrats in favour of Joe Biden. I also know that evil does not recognize political parties. Instead, evil will ‘Shanghai’ individuals, any political party, or several political parties, in order to fulfil its dastardly agenda.

I am amazed how ignorant and apathetic the Americans are, in far too many cases, and this is exemplified all over the world, in other countries. It seems that there are so many negative emotions flying around caused by willful fraud and deception by those who were instrumental in manipulating the computer vote counting software programme used by many American states. I am truly amazed that the Americans seem to be caught unawares of this possibility, especially after several previous fraudulent vote-counting software occurrences that have been observed before. I include the elections of Bush in particular, and now Trump, where we have had irrefutable evidence of such, and yet, the Americans just do not learn from these previous lessons. This is the saddest situation of all. I have seen videos of IT people in the technological industry confirm that they have written programmes at the behest of someone, which are designed to manipulate the voting machines. I feel I can comment on America, as I did live there.

The people must be aware that Trump has to be the way he is to survive the aggressive onslaught to destroy his presidency. He is so resilient, and an amazing man to achieve the good he has done, in spite of being constantly attacked by those who do not like him. This is not an example of democracy. Therefore, democracy in the USA is now becoming a bureaucracy, a dictatorship, or even worse, because those shadowy figures who direct all the chaos and mayhem are not so visible. This reminds of what the German, Meir Baier said, who later changed his name to Rothschild,  “Let me control the money supply and I care not who makes the laws,” or something to that effect. If this appalling state of affairs in the USA is not resolved, that country will no doubt, if unchecked, end up being a socialist/communist country, enjoying the benefits like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia (when it was communist), and China (with its strict bureaucratic regime of suppression). If this is the future of the USA, then that country is more or less finished, and the real suffering of the people will begin. There appears to be such ignorance, such low consciousness that is prevalent there.

I live in Israel, where we are having terrible difficulties, resulting from a similar tendency of a grab for power and control by the few over the people. Here we have a population of about 8.5 million people, with 30 political parties. Yes, that is correct, 30 political parties. A party for any and every possible issue, including religion, which is where I believe any democracy should stipulate the separation of church/synagogue and state. In Israel, the religious Jewish groups wield great power, and, of course, they have a predilection, a bias towards their own group of people, their own beliefs and dogma, and there are many such religious groups in Israel, most with a political voice. There are even a Jewish group or two who reject the state of Israel, believing that Israel cannot exist before the appearance of the messiah. Notwithstanding that attitude, in a hypocritical gesture, they extend their hands out to receive whatever they can from the government. So, now we can add hypocrisy to the various other adjectives and adverbs that involve the Great Corruption of our planet Earth.

In Israel, where I live, the general election votes are spread so very thinly, because of the numerous political parties in relation to the small population, that it is virtually impossible for any party to win a majority, in any election. Therefore, after the election the prevailing party has a few weeks to cobble together a government, by making a coalition with other smaller groups, which the people did not vote for. This is where the real horse trading, or, more like second hand car trading is carried on. Rarely, is there consensus, and each group enters the government with their own agenda to fulfil. In my opinion this perpetuates an appalling inefficiency of the government, where special interest groups benefit, while the people do NOT. There is so much disparity in Israel, with far too many living below the poverty line, and about 35% of the children of Israel going to bed hungry. Salaries are low, while the cost of living is high, and so is the taxation. Property prices are absurdly high, which prohibits most from buying a home. Rents are rising, and many young couples have to live with parents. To open a small business one is to jump through so many hoops, rules, regulations, stipulations, that often are a big deterrent in opening such a business. If you are able to navigate through all the bureaucratic mumbo jumbo,  they press you in taxes, expenses and costs that, all together, cause many businesses to buckle and cease trading in a short time, maybe even three months. It seems that everything one may want to do is made to be the most and challenging. Even the way the country is run, everything from problems with roads, and junctions, to social issues, nothing is done to resolve issues unless there is no other option, unless the government has to do something. Such is done at the very last possible minute, without planning ahead or seeing a bigger picture, or so it seems, at least to me.    This is not a way for people to live, yet this is what is propagated, while the present prime minister is in court, on trial for corruption. The last straw for me was when, in 2019, there were three general elections, and yet each could not provide an elected government, so the present government just keeps rolling.

I now cast my gaze on the United Kingdom, the country of my birth. I observe that the present government seems not to know what course of action to take, and it keeps changing its course hither and thither. I refer to the Covid 19 debacle, and I see that whatever the British government does, their plans do not seem to succeed that well. The overall cost to the UK is a disaster, and I wonder whether they will be able to recover. The economy is in shreds, and the people are suffering beyond measure. I also feel that the few who seek control over the many are succeeding with their nefarious intentions, and the people are, largely, unaware of what is going on, or, they are not willing to do anything about it as a unified country. This can be said for most countries.

We all live in the most challenging of times, presently, and I am of the opinion that all this chaos, entropy, mayhem, fueled by ignorance and fear are testing the people of the world as to whether they are growing in knowledge and wisdom, in consciousness, with the expansion of conscious awareness. You see, evolution tarries with no one, no matter which political affiliation you have, what your religion is, and how much money you have. Evolution demands that all biological entities evolve, which is welcomed by those who know that developing more of our individual, innate consciousness is the only means by which we can evolve into better humans beings, embodying and demonstrating Universal Love, and Universal Compassion, Harmony, Peace, and being able to develop prosperity naturally, according to one’s measure.

Those who resist evolution struggle with insurmountable trials and tribulations, until they learn, eventually, and this is where the masses of the people of planet Earth are at present. They are allowing themselves to be shackled with disenfranchisement, ignorance, and are being enslaved, all while they seem to be unaware of their fate. The truth is that, those who are evolving continue to move forward, and into a higher frequency of vibration, and embark upon a new adventure elsewhere, perhaps a 5th Dimensional Reality or higher. Those who are left behind will go through another cycle of three-dimensional evolution, and perhaps, they, too, will ascend in consciousness at the next opportunity, and follow those who went before.

These are my thoughts, and I welcome a discussion with anyone who wishes to develop these thoughts, and even add their own. I am optimistic, that whatever happens, it will provide the best opportunities for the people, no matter what path they chose.

Anthony Altman, 7th November, 2020.

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