Blog/Article #B6, The Noble Path.

Blog/Article #B6, The Noble Path.

Anthony Altman

Blog/Article #B6, The Noble Path.

Blog #B6, The Noble Path

The Oxford dictionary informs us that the meaning of ‘noble,’ is “Having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles.” This admirable quality is only recognized, in a positive sense, by those who promote such a quality that is life supporting, and for the benefit of all concerned.

For instance, the people who are facilitating the fraudulent electoral process in the USA, currently in progress for the next president of America, must believe that they are acting in a noble manner. They must feel that whatever they are doing, no matter how fraudulent and corrupt, they are doing it for the common good, and that is their belief and perception. They actually feel they are performing a good deed! Their morality supports them in their endeavour to thwart the just process, and thwart justice itself, because they feel they are greater than that, because they have righteousness on their side, giving them license to do whatever it takes to win the day in accordance with their desires, intentions and agenda. Such people embrace separation, disunity, hatred, racialism, greed, with the desire to control and subvert and subjugate others. These people can only, and do, cause and perpetuate much suffering within their ranks, and demand that others suffer as well. Suffering becomes normal, which it is not, in the Universal sense of Reality.

Conversely, people who enjoy a higher state of consciousness, usually perceive their truth and reality in a manner that promotes Love, Compassion, Peace, Harmony, well-being and prosperity for all according to their measure. All this is normal, if that is their choice, but, choice can only be made according to whatever Consciousness is available to support the Conscious Awareness required to make any choice.

If I am correct, and I believe I am, in this three dimensional reality with polarized duality as its major definition, truth is relative to the state of consciousness you embody. This concept is extremely profound, because it is to be understood that everyone, in differing states of consciousness will perceive truth differently. How then can one arrive at a consensus? With extreme difficulty, I would think. In fact, I am yet to witness such an historical event.

I regard the Noble Path as that which supports Unity, Universal Love, Universal Compassion, Respect and Love for all life forms, and with special regard to preserving the well-being of all sentient beings like humans, the animals and marine life, which are not well cared for, and are abused even while their suffering is just to satisfy the taste buds and hunger of those who choose to eat them. Forgive me, but, Noble is Noble, and there are no selective choices with a varying sliding scale of what is Noble, what is acceptable and what is not. If we are going to be Noble, we are to look at everything we think, every word we utter and every action we perform. I trust This article reflects this focus well enough to be understood in the bigger picture of creation.

The Noble Path is not for the weak of mind, the weak of spirit, the indecisive, the enablers and those who wish to be enabled. The Noble Path is not even a path, for there are no signposts or mile markers to be seen. There are no visible benefits or rewards, other than the knowing that one is proceeding in a direction that is life supporting, and enhances their life and with the intention of enhancing the life of others. The Noble Path is within one open, loving and compassionate heart, and such a path allows the heart to sing the song of creation in a frequency of inaudible sound that raises your consciousness even further. You expand with Love and Compassion, and your Conscious Awareness also expands, and you are able to raise yourself to a higher vibratory frequency of existence, which is where this path takes you, out of suffering and into your wholeness, your true and authentic Self.

Why do humans suffer so much, as they have suffered for thousands of years? They suffer, because they forgot what the Noble Path is, and instead, they follow ignoble paths of varying degrees of all that which is not Noble at all, and detracts Human Beings from fulfilling their greater destiny, and failing to achieve the freedom of body and spirit that they have substituted for the shackles of subservience to a limiting ideal, another person, a political system, or any idea that destroys, enslaves and causes suffering.

The ONLY solution to end suffering and to escape the shackles of this three dimensional reality is to develop a higher state of consciousness. What is Consciousness? This is a description I wrote in my book Emissaries of Consciousness:

“Consciousness is not the actual perception, but, rather, the means for Conscious Awareness of the Conscious Thinking Mind to be aware of the perception of anything and everything. Conscious Awareness, therefore, is the ability to be consciously aware of one’s perception. Conscious Awareness is expanded as we raise Consciousness. Consciousness, therefore, is the medium by which conscious awareness exists.”

In fact, Consciousness is the medium by which creation exists.

I go into a much deeper explanation in the book, which I recommend you obtain if you do not already have it. You can obtain it from my website,, and see the other 19 books I have listed, which are all E-books, emailed to recipients as a PDF file.

There are many different techniques, modalities and practices that help one to develop more consciousness, no matter where the person is on the ladder of consciousness. I still meditate, using the Transcendental Meditation Technique, since 1971, and that is the single most powerful modality I have used, and I have employed many, as you can see from the books I have written. I also practice the Buddhist Mindfullness, which is another great tool. If you seek a variety of spiritual tools, my books can offer you such a variety.

In the final analysis, the ONLY thing we can take with us when we leave this realm, either in ascension, or death of the body, is CONSCIOUSNESS, and all that which we have learned in this life. Everything else remains behind for others to take, use, and possibly fight over. There is no virtue in being the richest person in the cemetery, but it is a virtue to be Consciously Aware, Knowledgeable and Wise.

We are now in a period of human evolution, and perhaps the evolution of all other life forms, predicated by many factors, like the end of the 25,000 year cycle known as the Precession of the Equinoxes, the ending of major Mayan calendars, the ending of the Piscean age, and the beginning of the Aquarian Age, and the beginning Satya Yuga. All endings have new beginnings, and that is where humanity is presently located, at a possible new beginning, if that is what humanity chooses.

In addition to all this, we have huge Solar Coronal Mass Ejections, and Huge Solar Flares, together with Gamma Rays emanating from the centre of our galaxy, and wall the while our entire galaxy is passing through the Torus Photon Energy System.  These are all indications and measures that inform us that creation is pressing all humans to evolve from where they are to where they can be according to their measure. At the moment it is as humanity is in between a stone and a hard place. The challenge for us all is to find that means to resolve why and how we suffer.

Those who are more awake will know what I have written thus far, and know what to do in order to develop consciousness. Those who are not yet awake will not even visit my website, or read any of my material, because it is not yet within their purview. There are those who are in the process of waking up, and it is those people we are to assist and support, because when we have sufficient people who are able to traverse the Noble Path, the entire game changes, for the better. Much, much better!

I trust this article is of value to you in some way.

In Consciousness!

Anthony Altman, 6th November, 2020

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