Blog/Article #B5, Living a Human Life.

Blog/Article #B5, Living a Human Life.

Anthony Altman

Blog/Article #B5, Living a Human Life.

Blog/Article #B5, Living a Human Life.

It is said by those who know, that to live a human life is a gift and a privilege, which I could not understand, because I observe the degree to which billions of humans suffer. Then, as I learned, and grew in conscious awareness and consciousness, I realized that this three dimensional reality of polarized duality, with all its many trials, tribulations and challenges is designed purposefully to  assist spiritual beings having a human experience, to grow in consciousness, resolve karma, and release all that which limits, and is redundant. This invaluable process is far more effective in this realm than in many other realms, and it is regarded as a ‘fast track’ in individual development, and this is why souls line up to enter this realm. May the I Am Presence Help Us!

I have already lived a life, and as I approach my 75th birthday, I realise with alacrity, that the purpose of this three dimensional reality does, in fact, succeed in this incredible purpose, even though it is a Holographic Virtual Reality, which is a subject for another article and discussion. Now, as I am in the winter of my life, I am contemplating what may be my final project in this life, which seems to be The Perfection of Speech. This seems to be a process that millions of people can indulge to help themselves accelerate their own development and evolution, by using their own sounds of speech to activate the dormant codes and switches that are all in place within themselves, and others, waiting to be activated so that a greater part of a person’s potential within the body, such as DNA/RNA, and Light Channels may be able to embody greater degrees of Divine Light. For instance, if you have a 60 watt light bulb, and you pass 500 watts through it, obviously the bulb element will blow, like a fuse that has had too much current passing through it. The wire burns out. The same can be said for the human nervous system, and that is why people meditate, perform yoga, and other practices to help the nervous sustain greater degrees of Divine Light. Sound is an energy form that does exactly that, with continued practice and perfection.

I have already written an article entitled, The Perfection of Speech, and this article is intended to describe a life story-line, that I intend to practice and develop my speaking ability, by speaking these pros for the purpose of having the desired effect on those who listen to me speaking in this way. So, here is the text, and I trust you enjoy the written word, and that when I make the voice recording, you will equally enjoy that experience if and when you hear it.


A human life has its beginnings with a soul, who is in that place where souls gather to research where, and with whom they are to re-incarnate. Some people call this place heaven.

Choosing Parents

The soul finds suitable parents, and such suitability includes the opportunity to learn lessons the soul chooses to learn, and to experience human life, also according to their choice, karma and destiny that they choose.


While in ‘Heaven’ one can actually witness the conception of their next human body, that they will inhabit, in their newly chosen Earth adventure.

Prior to Birth

Prior to being born, during the third trimester, about one to three months from being born, the soul, who now inhabits the foetus, usually cognizes the environment, conditions and circumstances that you, the soul are about emerge into. I had such a cognition, and the picture was not so pretty, so I decided to change my mind, and not be born at all. My mother and the paediatrician were both anxious that I should be born, and after being late by two weeks, I was induced and dragged into this harsh world by a pair of cold forceps. I was so traumatized that I did not talk until I was three years of age.

Birth: Soul Amnesia

At birth there is a condition, unfortunately, that is known as Soul Amnesia. One forgets where they came from, and, while this Soul Amnesia, is in its beginning stages, as one grows older, by around the age of three or four, the Soul Amnesia is complete, and you are now a human to all intents and purposes.

Programming – Stage 1

By the time you are seven years of age the programming, by your parents and school teachers, of your sub-conscious mind is consolidated, other than what further programming you will adopt in later life. This programming allows you to fit in, which did not happen for me, because I just did not fit in, and never have. Each of us is different.

Programming – Stage 2

Ahead of you are about ten more years of refined programming, from parents, the school system, peer system, social system and all other ‘systems’ that train you and entrain you to act in accordance with what is accepted as normal. It did not work on me so well.


Now is the time when you leave home in order to fulfil your own independence, which is an illusion, because, now, you are dependent upon society just like you have been programmed, unless you are a rebel. This is the time of your life when your real-life lessons begin, because, first you are to de-programme yourself, and start all over again with your own programming, trials, tribulations, and many lessons of life.

Opportunities for Growth

All experiences, whether positive or negative, all trials, all tribulations, all trauma and drama are intended to teach you big life lessons. The degree to which you learn these with Ease and Grace, will dictate how smooth your life is to be. If you resist, fail to learn the first and second time around, you can be sure you will suffer, and the intensity of your suffering depends how willing and successful you are to learn.

Life Journey

Your destiny was pre-ordained, before your birth, by you. However, with Soul Amnesia, we usually forget, and have no idea why we are living this life. So, now is the time to find out. The first lesson to learn is that you do have a destiny, a purpose to fulfil, we all do! Then, you are to seek the ways and means to remove those blocks preventing you from remembering, from knowing. This is a big journey unto itself, and I spent 63 years doing exactly that with excellent results, as laborious as it was. I have since written about twenty books, with more being written now, that provides a plethora of information that can help the querant (seeker) to find that path, that technique, that method that may be able to help them remember, to know their destiny and what to do about establishing it as a focal point of intention.

Life Lesson: We are in a free will zone on this planet. You have the ability to exert and apply YOUR choice in whatever you wish to do, or not do. However, the admonishment is to choose wisely!

Healing, Resolving, Releasing

Each one of us came into this realm with some limitation, some deep wounds, karma, and lots of baggage. We came here to learn how to heal, resolve and release it all, if at all possible in this life. The first step of course, is choice, the next step is to find the manner by which you can achieve the intention of healing, resolving and releasing all that which inhibits you, limits you and prevents you from being your true and authentic Self.

The formula I use quite often in order to resolve issues, including karma, redundant beliefs and redundant patterns of behaviour, and, of course redundant and limiting programming of the sub-conscious mind, is the following;

  1. Face it
  2. Embrace it
  3. Erase it

In order to resolve anything, you are first to acknowledge its existence. Then, instead of fighting it, or resisting (because whatever we resist persists), you include it, you embrace it. Acceptance! Why? Because one cannot resolve or release anything one does not have, and by embracing it you own it, and whatever you own or have, you can let go.  Accepting it opens the door to let it go. This formula is magical and works on everything you want to remove, resolve, release and let go.

Living Life Becomes Easier

Now that you have sufficient tools, and you are able to apply them, living life does get easier. This process of progressive easiness continues as long as you continue to utilize the tools you have learned, with knowledge and wisdom. It is not an overnight achievement, for it may take you some years, but, it nevertheless, is the way to go, in order to improve the manner in which you can live your life.

Epiphanies & Breakthroughs

During this time or Self-Improvement, one can experience all sorts of epiphanies and breakthroughs that can, in effect, take you from limited thinking to freedom of thought and an increase in the quality of critical thinking. This is the time for revelations, as the conscious awareness expands in accordance with the development of consciousness. All in all, this can be a most wonderful time.

This is also the time when one can completely revaluate one’s life, and take care of one’s health much more successfully. This may entail a complete change in dietary lifestyle, perhaps, become a vegetarian or vegan, or even a fruitarian. It all depends upon the level of consciousness that you embody, and where your conscious awareness is taking you, the path you will ultimately choose to follow.


As life progresses, and you develop more of your innate consciousness, you will feel a natural predilection to meet others with whom you resonate. Unfortunately, in some respect, this path becomes quite narrow, and consequently far fewer people walk this path. This tends to have the effect of disengaging from other people and their inherent trauma/drama, that you have successfully transcended. This can be a bitter sweet experience, but, it is a truth that evolution of consciousness does not tarry with those who do not, will not and cannot entertain and employ any means to help them develop their own innate consciousness. Each of us is to walk our own path, and traverse those experiences we have created for ourselves, and no other person may choose to have that kind of experience, so we walk our path, seemingly alone, but in truth we are never alone, for as we walk closer to Divine Light we get to play with so much more of Creation. In fact, what we perceive (see, hear, feel) in our limited state of consciousness is about 5% of what is really out there in creation, and as we grow in consciousness, our conscious awareness expands accordingly, we get to associate with more of creation that was hitherto unseen, unheard, and unfelt.

I feel that when we disengage from the trauma/drama created by others, we are free to develop ourselves much more, and then as a service to others we are able to demonstrate what we and everyone really wants to see in our world, and we get to do that more and more, and in a much better fashion than ever before, and that, surely, is a great service to humanity!

As we become more established in consciousness, and we perceive that we may walk alone, and at the same time we walk with all others who traverse a similar path, we realise that we are attracted to those with whom we resonate, and they are attracted to us, yet such attraction is no longer out of any need, but, rather, out of the unity that Universal Love and Compassion inculcates. We become, in essence, a member of the Universal Family at a higher frequency of vibration.

The Big Picture

At this point on our evolutionary journey in this three dimensional reality, we begin to see much more of the bigger picture, and this is a game changer. Before, we were of limited perception, and as such we lived in a small box of life. Now we have moved out of that small box into a bigger box, and so much more becomes available to us. More positive outcomes of thoughts, speech and actions. More good health and prosperity. More happiness and fulfilment. All achieved with Ease and Grace in a Divine and Perfect Way, which means no effort!


Life Re-Evaluation

At various points along the path, and your journey through your life, you will arrive at mile-stones, which is an old-fashioned term describing signs that tell you where you are in relation to where you are going. These signs or mile-stones are very important, because they can tell you how far you have progressed along your path, and this affords you the opportunity to tweak however you think, whatever your speak, and whatever actions you perform. In other words, this stage is when you are able to re-evaluate yourself, and choose how you will continue to conduct yourself in your life journey. A most valuable attribute is this opportunity, offered at various stages of your life.

Peace, Contentment & Well-Being

This is the net result of successfully traversing your life path, fulfilling your destiny, learning what you came here, to this most challenging realm, to learn, improve, heal, resolve and release. The degree of peace you feel, the degree by which you are content and feel a great sense of well-being, are the result of your great success, as a Spiritual Being having a Human Being experience. All that remains is the following;

Share Your Knowledge

Now that you have succeeded where many, perhaps most, people have failed, at least in this life, up to this Now Moment, it is incumbent upon you to share what you know with those who are interested. This is how we are able, exponentially, to share knowledge, wisdom, with others, and by our example, inspire and motivate others to choose to also be successful in their own fulfillment of their life as a Human Being. By bringing more Divine Light into this realm through you, and others like you, the darkness recedes.

In Conclusion

There is more to this life story, and this is, therefore, just a summary of all the potential and possibilities that I can write about. In fact, I hope to make a video using this as a script. If you wish to follow through in your endeavours to fulfill your destiny, and raise your consciousness, but do not have the tools, I suggest you visit my website,, where you will see my books, blogs/articles like this, videos, guided meditations, which are all free, except for the e-books. I welcome your enquiry, because I am happy to share whatever information that may be helpful.
Finally, I mention the therapy known as cymatics, whereby sound waves from various sources are focused on the body, at all levels, with the intention of promoting good health. I feel the human speaking voice can produce such benefits.

In Israel we say, L’Chaim!  To Life!

Anthony Altman, 31st October, 2020.

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