Blog #27, Basic Universal Laws of Creation

Blog #27, Basic Universal Laws of Creation

Anthony Altman

Blog #27, Basic Universal Laws of Creation

Blog #27, Basic Universal Laws of Creation.

I would like to offer as a new consideration for the many who are unaware of Universal Laws, and to remind those of us, who know, but, sometimes, forget. The Universal Laws of Creation that I include here are derived from the information channeled Bashar through Daryl Anka, both of whom, many know and love, as I do.

  1. I exist, and always have, and always will!
  2. The One is the All, and the All are the One!
  3. What you put out is exactly what you get back!
  4. Change is the only constant, except for laws 1, 2, & 3.

I thank Bashar and Daryl Anka for this great contribution that is Universal in application, and knowledge for all to contemplate and incorporate in their lives. Why? Because, most people have no idea who they really are, and such people ridicule those of us who know this truth, and live in accordance with such Universal Laws, to the best of our ability, consciously.

So, let me begin my commentary with Universal Law number 1: ‘I exist, and always have, and always will!’

What is it that is immortal? Your body? NO! Your personality? NO! Your human life? NO! What then? This is where it gets interesting for those who are yet unaware that the REAL you, is your soul, a spiritual entity that emerged from the Oneness to experience separation, and then learn how to return to that Oneness. Neale Donald Walsh wrote about it quite descriptively and succinctly in his book, ‘Conversations With God, Volume 1,’ in which he recounts that as God is everything, God did not know who God is. This is interesting, because here you have the birth of duality, and polarized duality that we experience in this three dimensional (3D) reality on Planet Earth, in our Milky Way Solar System. So, God decided to split off part of itself (God being infinite energy) and create a separation, so that there is an observer and an object of observation. Please pay close attention to this description, as this is the basis of all that you perceive while in a human body, vibrating at that frequency that allows you to exist in this realm of 3D. For those of us who are aware of being the observer, observing this physical reality, and even some of us observing the observer, observing this reality, this is where it can get really interesting – Observing the observer! When we are aware of observing the object of observation, we notice a separation, for there are two entities: The Subjective Observer and the Object of Observation. Observing is a subjective experience, and the objective of observation provides the objectivity, providing both elements, being the subject and the object. For those who know, the intention is to unify the subject and the object so that there is no separation, which is the true truth, and which can only be achieved with expanded conscious awareness that is the result of having raised consciousness. This last statement is a misnomer, because consciousness is not raised or lowered. It is what it is, in its universal, natural state. The real issue is how much of it is accessible by the human being, who has learned how to limit its perception, and thereby the human has blocked much of it. This is why so many seem asleep, and are easily incited to be in fear.

The following statement was written by Lee, an incredible human being, who was also my good friend, and who was one of the most intelligent people I have known, who is now deceased, yet, I carry this statement with me wherever I go, as a stark reminder, so that I may maintain my course in being fully aware consciously;

“Pay attention to attention before attention collapses into the object of attention, resulting in the creation of a subject separate from the object ie., the ego centric separate sense of self, THE fundamental illusion.” Vigilant attention. As in “Speak! I am listening.” to disrupt the circle jerk mind chatter by commanding it to continue, ••••it will stop. The chatters purpose is to maintain the chatter, which it will do unless we intervene with vigilant attention.”

You may want to read this several times to obtain the greater value of this profundity, for there are several levels. I present it as it was emailed to me many years ago, without modifying it in any way. Let me know what you observe in this statement.

Universal Law of Creation number 2, ‘The One is the All, and the All are the One!’

This is the fundamental truth of ‘the unity of all things/everything/everyone/all of life! For those of us who understand this law and so, do our best to incorporate it into our lives, there is no requirement for further explanation or analysis. However, for those who have difficulty in understanding this law, I will endeavour to explain my perception and knowing: Originally, eons ago, which may have been yesterday, and this requires further discourse to explain what such a  time possibility there could be, there was the Void! The Void, as quantum physics tells us contains nothing and everything simultaneously, and that from the void manifests everything. In this respect, the void is the potential of Creation. The consciousness that created the Void, which science has named, ‘The Field,’ or, the ‘Unified Field,’ now manifested the potential from the Void, and creation delivered a great diversity of realities that spread far and wide, to accomplish whatever the intentions was. Therefore, our origin was the Void, that which contained the potential of everything, and as such was not void of anything, it just seemed like that, because we are unable to see energetic waves of energy with our naked eyes, unless we are in that higher state of consciousness, utilizing much more of our innate potential of incredibly advanced faculties, about which I can write much more, of my own subjective experiences of out-of-body adventures. Experiencing flashes of this potential gave me a taste of the faculties just waiting for me to develop and establish on a permanent level, when I have learned how to do that. I feel I know the process, and while it does seem to be a lengthy process, it is nevertheless, the only means, that I know of, to resolve accumulated karma, to change limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns of behaviour, thereby removing those limiting factors that prevent me from basking in the fullness of the Sunshine of Consciousness and all that goes with it. In other words, we are only to remove the obstacles, and the journey of consciousness accelerates naturally.

Universal Law of Creation number 3: What you put out is exactly what you get back!

This is the Law of Karma, perhaps the greatest of the laws that has to do with Universal Law and Universal Order, and nothing to do with manmade laws of do’s and don’t’s, control, intimidation and fear. Science calls it ‘the Law of Cause and Effect.’ Here the law is quite clear, for every thought you have, for every word you utter, and for every action you perform, you create karma accordingly, and the Law of Karma is absolute! It will track you down from place to place, from country to country, from planet to planet and from life to life. You will pay that debt in one way or another, unless you find a way to resolve and neutralize such karma to the satisfaction of Creation! This is called healing, and demands that you change for the better, and to forgive and be forgiven. Powerful stuff that many people have no idea of its existence. When all humans know this Universal Law, there will be very little corruption, theft, torture, death and deception, of that I am sure. In other words, everyone has free will to do what they wish, about which they will experience the equal effects, no exception. Therefore, with expanded conscious awareness we strive to act in accord with Universal law, for the highest good of all, including ourselves. Then we experience positive karma. This is a wonderful system of Universal retribution and Universal Reward, and, in my opinion, explains why people suffer, for reason they know not, as a possibility. Why a baby is born deformed, why one is ill, poor, and limited in various ways. These descriptions are all possibilities, of which there are many, because Creation is all encompassing, leaving nothing out, and ensuring that Divine Order and Synchronicity of all that humans will allow. In other words, Creation is a Self-Actualizing Consciousness that is only thwarted temporary in individual human lives, by human free will, when that free will is abused and misused.

Universal Law of Creation Number 4: ‘Change is the only constant, except for laws 1, 2, & 3.’

In this reality of physical form that is known as the Third Dimension, the core characteristic is that all which is in physical form will constantly change. The form can be thoughts, words and actions, together with all that which has a more obvious physical form, such as your body, your car, house, anything and everything in form that will break down, disintegrate, and be returned to the Earth. The ONLY element that does NOT change is Consciousness, which is constant. The only change is in the ability or disability of humans to access and embody that Consciousness Consciously.

This is why having an expensive car, house and all the trappings of being wealthy is only a temporary distraction, because sooner or later all that in physical will disappear, and you cannot take it with you when you leave the body and pass on. The person who has so much money, like a billion dollars, has to spend a million dollars a year for one thousand years to spend it all. Another example is if one spent one million dollars a month, it would take about 84 years to spend it all. Why then devote so much time to accumulate so much money? Obviously, it has less to do with money and more to do with prestige, ego and power. However, if you invested your time and energy into expanding Conscious Awareness and Raising Consciousness, you become a much more effective creator of anything you wish, because now you are able to operate according to Universal Laws of Manifestation, and this is the achievement you are able to take with you when you leave the body, transcend, and ascend to a higher frequency of vibration.

This commentary of the four Universal Laws is brief, and to the point, for purposes of this article, and yet, it opens the door to dialogue and discussion that can fill many books. Let me know if you are interested in such dialogue, by leaving a comment at the end of this Blog.

Finally, I repeat my admonition to all of us, that we humans are the creators and co-creators of whatever reality each one of us is currently experiencing.; If you do not like that reality, you can change it, by first changing yourself on the inside. Then, and only then can you change, for the better, your thoughts, words and deeds which can create a reality worth living, in joy, fulfillment, prosperity, in Love and compassion, harmony and peace, all in accordance with one’s measure. This is how we can change everything for the better, and, indeed, create a Golden Age here, on Planet Earth, by first creating that Golden Reality deep within OneSelf!

Anthony Altman, 19th May, 2020.

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