Blog #23, The Imminent Golden Age!

Blog #23, The Imminent Golden Age!

Anthony Altman

Blog #23, The Imminent Golden Age!

Blog #23, The Imminent Golden Age.  4th April, 2020


The legendary fantasy of humanity emerging from slavery, disenfranchisement and great suffering over thousands of years, appears, to all intents and purposes, to be nearing its zenith, heralding a New Golden Age, when Humans will live together, with each other and with Planet Earth and all her life forms, in peace, harmony and for mutual benefit of all. Halleluyah! Indeed, we have been waiting for this moment for millennia, and maybe, this is what the religious regard as the Messiah, yet it comes not in the form of one person, but in the form of the many who, together represent the One, the Oneness of Creation. Yes, I know, sweet words, but, not yet a reality. In fact, how on Earth do I even come to mention this possibility, this dream-like fantasy? A very good question, so here is my story.

I was born, after many incarnations, over thousands of years, on this planet, in this three dimensional realm, doing everything from good and bad, and everything in between. I, among many others who have had a similar experience, was also being the Light and the dark and everything in between. Finally, in this life, born as a first wave Indigo, and being a Starseed, I realised  that I had, possibly, the biggest challenge of all my lives, to triumph over, and fulfil my intention to complete this journey, perhaps for the last time at this frequency, in this realm of polarized duality. This life, therefore, seems to have been the culmination of everything I have been working up to, in order to catch the last train of consciousness leaving the station for another Grand Adventure in another reality far, far away, or maybe, just next door in a parallel universe, a frequency of energy distant, yet occupying the same space, but in a completely different reality. What an incredible concept! I managed to work off sufficient karma to enable me to see that possibility. How many of us are having this experience? There are many of us, and many more awakening as each day dawns.

Hitherto, this point in the space time continuum, life, during the last 2,000 years, in the Age of Pisces was hallmarked by all the violence, control, suffering, greed and deception that we see in humanity today. Now, it would seem, a New Dawn is becoming evident, with incredible disclosures of deception, lies, greed, control, manipulation, exploitation, paedophilia rings, banking scandals, vaccine scandals, the use and abuse of viruses purposefully created to fulfil nefarious agendas, and so much more. All being carried out and perpetrated upon an unsuspecting planetary populace by a part of the super wealthy and privileged class of people, and which seems to be in its death throes, making way for our entry into the Aquarian Age, which could herald the New Golden Age of Humanity, if that is the choice of the people. The peoples’ choice is what carries the day, and so it is of paramount importance that the people have their wits about them, are consciously aware, and co-operate together in a non-partisan manner to bring about the possibility of our Great Inheritance – a race of people who are growing in consciousness!

It seems to me that those few who control the many knew about this possibility, and so, over centuries, perhaps many centuries, they applied themselves to ‘dumb down’ as many of the people of Earth as possible, by every means available to them, in order to arrive at this point, when the people did not have it in them to oppose what the controllers devised. This most nefarious and dastardly plan seemed to be succeeding, with the poisoning of the air, the water, the food, very poor education, contaminated medical drugs, vaccines, teeth fillings (amalgam), poverty, stress and psychological manipulation. However, the dark is always afraid of the Light, because the Light eradicates the darkness, so the dark did everything it could to extinguish the Light, but, that plan failed miserably. The resurgence of the Light brought with it a clearer understanding of the dastardly ploy, and many more awoke to this realization, whereupon, a grassroots movement formed by itself, and began to shine more Light into the invading darkness. You can see this in many countries from the United States of America, to France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and elsewhere. No matter what the dark did, from staged marches of faux immigrants descending upon the USA for a better life, now seen as being financed by those who wanted to overthrow the present Trump Administration, to a staged attack on the world by the COVID 19 virus, being the most recent artificially, and staged viral attack on humanity, to weaken and bring down all forms of protection, thus enabling the dark ones to take over completely, with one world order, according to their dictates. It all failed! Now, there is a move to bring Justice to bear upon those who perpetrated all such criminal acts against humanity, and we are waiting for the sealed indictments to be un-sealed, and those culprits arrested, and remove from their positions of power and control, thereby allowing humanity to recover from the huge attempt to conquer this planet and disenfranchise its citizens. I suppose you would be correct in assuming that this article, and others like it, together with many videos and public pronouncements will warn our antagonists, and who will escape this long-awaited justice. Well, I do believe that the plan for positive retribution in consequence to all the damage caused to humanity and this planet is ‘UNSTOPPABLE!’ Nevertheless, what we require now is for all of humanity to learn how to recover our poise, balance, and spiritual equilibrium so that we may facilitate a successful coup d’etat, and re-establish the rule of righteous law, universal love and compassion. To accomplish this, all human beings are to be able to act in a life supporting manner, rather than react, or abreact in a life damaging manner. We are to be the best example of what we want to see in our world, and act accordingly. Many will be shocked at the forthcoming revelations, as the ones who were lauded are now seen to be the corrupt brutes they are, while the ones we thought were the brutes, are in fact, those who have helped save us. What a turn of events, especially for those who are just awakening now!

This is the time, the exact moment in time when each one of us is to take a long look at themselves, and be Mindful of their weaknesses that they can transform into strengths, their doubts into confidence, their survival consciousness into thriving consciousness, and sickness into good health! This is the time for inner and outer healing and personal challenge/issue resolution! This is the time to learn how to develop our innate Human Potential so that we can be who we really are: Universal Spiritual Human Beings embodying, consciously, more consciousness than ever before in the history of humankind.

The time for Humankind to rise and be what was destined, a race of Loving and Compassionate Beings, developed in intellect, and with technological prowess that is Life Supporting for us all, the animals, the plants and our Mother Earth. And so it is!!

Anthony Altman, 4th April, 2020

Tony, this was so well expressed and written, and I could feel your compassionate heart throughout this timely message my friend.
It was well written, easy to read and understand. I loved how you touched on a broad spectrum of pertinent information, spanning thousands of years and as many lifetimes into this very auspicious moment we are experiencing right now, in a short concise manner. Indeed, my friend this is some of your best thus far. I’ll certainly be sharing this through the social media and through my mindful consciousness always. 🙏❤🙏

Sarah, my dear friend, thank you for your encouraging comments of appreciation. We are living in the most remarkable time of our lives. This is the Now Moment for us to embody as Much Divine Light as we can. With Love and Blessings.

Excellent article. Very much like what I am hoping for. This new world, prosperous and beautiful should everywhere. Awesome to think about.

Connie, Thank you for your encouraging comment.This, too, is my vision. Let us then, each one of us, do whatever we can to embody more Divine Light by developing more of our innate Consciousness within. The potential humans have available to us all at this time is, indeed, quite wonderful.


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