Blog #22, Corona Virus, the Gift!

Blog #22, Corona Virus, the Gift!

Anthony Altman

Blog #22, Corona Virus, the Gift!

Blog #22, Corona Virus, the Gift!

I agree, a very strange title. How, on earth, can a viral pandemic be a gift? Allow me to share my perception…

History tells me, and you, that human beings do not learn from mistakes, tragedies, trauma and drama that easily, or that readily. Instead, most continue to repeat the same action, with the same unacceptable results, ad infinitum, while praying for better results. Albert Einstein regarded this as insanity, and I agree with him, yet, this is what most humans continue to do. Why?

This is probably the most important information anyone can know, and then act accordingly.

The mind is like a computer, and a pretty incredible one at that. The sub-conscious part of the mind is designed to be programmed, because such programming is the means by which the human is able to think, speak and act. Therefore, just like a computer, it is vitally important that any such programming provides the us with optimal results. The sub-conscious mind of the human being is programmed in the following way;

  1. Repetition
  2. Fear
  3. Trauma
  4. Drama
  5. Being dominated by another/Intimidation
  6. Joy/Success/happiness
  7. Hate/judgement/criticism
  8. Being disenfranchised/enslaved/

There are more, but these categories suffice. If and when a human being is negatively programmed, which usually begins at birth, and even before, the parents, believe they are doing the best for their baby, are, nevertheless, repeating the programming they experienced from their parents, and elsewhere. This is how programming is perpetuated, and if the programming is negative, limiting, constricting and damaging, that is the way such a programmed human being is going to live his/her life. This is why people suffer, as one major reason. Their learned, adopted programming, beliefs and patterns of behaviour can, and do cause many people, in fact, most people, the most dire suffering.

Fortunately, changing any learned programme, learned belief and learned pattern of behaviour can be changed with relative ease. I am a retired Clinical Hypnotherapist, and I know what I am talking about. The first step is to recognize that there is something to change, then go about finding the appropriate way to change it. I can recommend Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Even Emotional Freedom technique/Tapping (EFT) can be used successfully in this respect. However, I do know that with Hypnotherapy and NLP the results are experienced very quickly. A few sessions can do wonders, even with EFT.

So, what is the Gift that the Corona Virus offers us?

One of the adversaries of Self-improvement is the art of distraction. For reasons, that are more appropriate in another dedicated Blog, people are severely distracted as they engage in the act of ‘survival.’ Modern living has taken a turn for the worse, when, with all the new technology available, people are still struggling to survive each month, living pay check to pay check. I speak of the masses, those disenfranchised people. In this category, I also include the majority of the ‘successful’ people, who live in comparative comfort, and even luxury, yet, they are not satisfied, and continually want more and more. The millionaire wants to be a billionaire, the billionaire wants two billion. The mega-wealthy have more money they can ever spend, yet they want more. This time, they want Power! Of course, I speak generally, and there are those who are extremely balanced and offer us excellent examples to emulate, but most do not.

The interesting point in this Blog/Article, is that people do, sometimes, learn from adverse circumstances, if they are hit hard enough. Unfortunately, this is not such a common process, but in this instance with what is regarded as the Corona Virus Pandemic, many, many people are confined to their homes. The distraction has been alleviated, and people now have a wonderful opportunity to do the following;

  1. Be peaceful, and quiet
  2. Introspection
  3. Acknowledge the various aspects of their personality, thinking, speaking and acting that can be positively changed.
  4. To meditate, and take care of their mental, psychological health
  5. Practice Hatha Yoga and take care of physical health
  6. Learn about the appropriate Dietary Lifestyle for optimal good health.
  7. Learn about the others you may be living with. What are their strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Learn about your own strengths and weakness.

Yes, you can spend such time wisely, and this is the gift the Corona Virus offers each one of us.

I am deeply saddened by the deaths caused by the Corona Virus, as I am saddened by any death, no matter the cause, and there are many more deaths caused by many more agents, that are more deadly than this virus, yet, nothing is said, acknowledged or even done about them. I suppose it is this virus that offers us the gift to actually stop, and smell the roses.

It is so good for more people to realize that a human being has enormous potential. In fact, science has told us that the average person uses about 5% of their mental potential, of their mind. Considering science does not know much about the mind, that is a very big statement. I have studied the mind, and worked with many people and their minds, and I can honestly say, I only know a very small fraction of the entire function of the conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind and the super-conscious mind. When we actually do something to help us develop more of our human potential, we will suffer less, enjoy more, and be so much more prosperous and accomplished.

To change is not so easy for many people. They do not feel they can, or that they even want to. This is a debilitating belief/programme which locks and blocks such individuals in to such narrow parameters of perception and conscious awareness, that they cannot, then, see a way out. This is when the following are very helpful;

  1. Make a choice to Self-Improve
  2. Have an intention
  3. Follow through with that intention
  4. Utilizing courage and tenacity
  5. Fulfill the intention.

If more people can do that, they would begin to positively change their lives. You would improve your life, to be better than it is now.

There are really only two options for humanity;

  1. Live together in peace and harmony, well-being, prosperity for all, according to their measure.
  2. Strife, hate, disharmony, greed, suffering, poverty, ill-health.

The choice is yours, mine and all of ours. Therefore, let you and me be the best examples we can show to another, and let us teach by such example. In this way, we have an opportunity to use the gift offered by the Corona Virus to improve ourselves, and not waste this opportune moment to do something positive that arose out of something negative.

Thank you.

Anthony Altman, 6th April, 2020.

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