Blog #18, The CoronaVirus, 2nd Commentary

Blog #18, The CoronaVirus, 2nd Commentary

Anthony Altman

Blog #18, The CoronaVirus, 2nd Commentary

I am receiving information that indicates that the information we are being told by the media, and mainstream news is just part of the entire story. It is not my intention to go into the sordid details of the implications, because it is what it is, and as that issue is already present, I prefer to dwell on possible solutions, and resolutions. This Blog is my commentary on my observations leading up to this dramatic chaos and pandemonium.

I know that there is a battle going on between the Light and the dark, between knowledge and ignorance, between slavery and freedom, between higher consciousness and lower consciousness. This battle has been going on for many centuries, and I would say, during the last cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes, which has a duration of about 25,000 years. More recently, we are just emerging from 2,000 years of the Piscean Age, which, as we know is the period of all the negative behavior we have seen and continue to see in human beings, generally speaking. Among the masses who respond to such influences, there are those who have been raising their consciousness, and rather than being influenced by such extreme negative energy, they are able to support and encourage the presence of positive energy, while embodying more Light, Love and Compassion, thereby setting the stage for positive change in the other people who still face their respective and societal evolutionary challenges.

During this time of the Piscean age, and even greater than that, is the Hindu age called the Kali Yuga, which is a huge cycle, about which I am not so familiar, human beings were, and still are, nevertheless, blessed with FREE WILL! This free will means that each one of us is to be responsible for our own thoughts, words and actions. Unfortunately, I have observed that many people prefer others to be responsible for them, and that they prefer to be told what to do, when and how. This is the fertile ground by which those of stronger will, and with a private, nefarious agenda, can control the masses, and get them to do what they want, in order to fulfil whatever plan they have in store for the hapless masses, and the planet. Regrettably, when peoples’ conscious awareness is narrow, they cannot see anything beyond the limits of their narrow paradigm of perception. They cannot believe, in their naivete, that people could be so evil, in spite of a human-being history replete with the most horrendous violence we have experienced on this planet for millennia upon millennia. In more recent times we had two world wars, and many local wars, providing a total of many, many millions of casualties. To quote just one instance among the horror, during the holocaust of World War Two, 6 million Jews were slaughtered, in addition to many gypsies, people of colour, and so on. Still, regrettably, humans did not learn how they could live in harmony with each other. Instead, they harboured their traumas, their conditioning, the consequences of which are; Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Fear, Superstition, Greed, Insecurity, Inferiority, and Superiority, Violence, Inadequacy, and the list goes on. Instead of addressing these issues and resolving them, which is easier than most people believe, especially with modern tools like Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom technique, a formal technique of Meditation, Hatha Yoga, and so much more, that became available to the masses, most people CHOSE and still CHOOSE to remain as they are, refusing to consider positive change, better health, and the all-important act of being wholly and entirely responsible for every thought they have, every word they utter, and every action they perform. Such people prefer to remain victims, disenfranchised, and become the slaves of those who would enslave them.

What does all this mean in relation to the Corona-Virus? Well, I can say the following;

  1. The common flu has killed more people.
  2. More people die on the roads in what is called, ‘car-accidents,’ which I call lack of awareness.
  3. More people die of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other conditions that most people seem to disregard as a pandemic, which, of course, they really are.
  4. Another statistic which is more deadly than any other, is known as Iatrogenic death. This is death caused by incorrect diagnosis by Allopathic/Western Medical doctors, inappropriately prescribed medical drugs, the interaction of two medical drugs or more, and errors in the operating room of the hospital. It is difficult to obtain accurate numbers of Iatrogenic deaths, so I am only able to offer the following: In the USA only, Iatrogenic Deaths are from 250,000 to 750,000 per year. I have no idea what the world figure is. Yet, few know this, even fewer rally care, and even fewer are inclined to do anything about it.
  5. Another dreadful statistic is that, from what I have been able to learn, about 2,000 children go missing in the USA every day. Few are aware of this, and, of course, no one really cares. In view of the paedophiles and paedophile groups all over the world, you would think that this would be a disaster that could be regarded as a pandemic, but, nothing much happens to resolve this unspeakable activity.

Having said all this, I do observe that the Power of Light, and the ‘Good People’ are beginning to gather in preparation for what I feel is the final showdown. If you feel that you resonate with this information, I urge you to do all you can to expand your conscious awareness and raise your consciousness. This can be done through learned practices such as meditation, yoga in all its forms, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, adopting a vegetarian or vegan dietary lifestyle, about which I will be happy to discuss with anyone who is interested. This is a huge subject, because those who eat animal flesh do not really know what they are imbibing. This alone, is sufficient to limit one’s process of the evolution of consciousness. When the facts are known it is quite logical to adopt a diet that does not include dead animal flesh. When we clean up our minds, removing all that which limits us, when we clean up our speech, and when our actions are more life supporting much will improve for individuals, and for society. I will be happy to discuss this as well.

When more people choose a course of action, with an intention, staying the course, and manifesting results accordingly, we can and do change ourselves. When more people choose positive change, and achieve that, to whatever degree they are able, human society will begin to change accordingly. This is the evolution of consciousness that creates a positive, non-violent revolution in the way we live and be with each other, the animals and our planet. Then, we can be free of violence, resistance and suffering. Instead, we invoke natural, universal laws that uphold all that is life supporting. The reason this does not work so well for the masses, is because people block this natural process with all their learned beliefs, learned patterns of behaviour, all the trauma, all the suffering, all the adopted dysfunction, which can all be resolved in most people, if they so choose, and are pro-active, and actually do something about it. In this respect, I know what I am talking about having been a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the USA.

Yes, this a lengthy Blog, yet I hope these mere words can inspire you to be a better version of yourself, just as I am intending to be a better version of myself.

Please let me know if I can be of any service to you. If you are reading this in a place other than my website, please go to https;// and send me a message on the Contact page. If you seek a better You and a better world, I will be happy to hear from you.

Anthony Altman

22nd March, 2020.

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