Blog #17, The CoronaVirus, 1st Commentary

Blog #17, The CoronaVirus, 1st Commentary

Anthony Altman

Blog #17, The CoronaVirus, 1st Commentary

Blog #17, CoronaVirus, 1st. Commentary

I am not a doctor! I do not, for one moment, profess to know how to cure the CoronaVirus, but, I do pride myself on having a modicum of conscious awareness, and common sense. I am somewhat surprised at the ignorance and lack of awareness demonstrated by so many people, and consequently, I am inspired to write this text.

Everything I am writing is my opinion, and I offer such for anyone else to consider, and perhaps, share with others.

I believe that anyone with an uncompromised immune system, can withstand and cope with most biological infections. The human body is that intelligent! In this sense, no other person can infect another with a bacteria or virus, unless that other person is experiencing the following;

  1. A sub-conscious programme, belief, conditioning that supports being ill. Unfortunately, most people will not understand what I have just written, and neither will they dialogue with me to understand, nor, will they do their own research to understand the implications.
  2. An immune system that is already compromised through poor diet, inappropriate medical drugs, and the interaction of two or more medical drugs, and anything that has to do with incorrect diagnosis and treatment thereof. I include mental health, and compromised psychology concerning the sub-conscious mind.
  3. Perhaps, the most challenging observation I have is that, while there is no known cure for the CorinaVirus, as yet, the medical field is advising everyone what to do, which, as we know is purely palliative, such as staying home, not congregating in groups, and concentrating on not transmitting the virus through human contact. Absolutely nothing is mentioned, as far as I know, of the possible benefits of taking supplements of vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and others, that may help to boost the immune system. Absolutely nothing is mentioned, again, as far as I know, about the consequences of poor dietary lifestyles, which is a complex issue, to say the least. So, the people remain ignorant, stay home, pray and hope the virus will pass. This is a passive approach which I do not ascribe to.


The associated subject of possible, premature death resulting from this virus, and any other virus, such as the common flu virus, which kills many more than what we have seen, so far, of the CoronaVirus, causes widespread panic. The fact is, if we are born, we are going to die. The only unknown is when and how! Regrettably, most people do not know what death is, although they will assure us all that there is no life after death. Anyone who does not know what death is, likewise, does not know what the purpose of life is, either. Yeas, this is a philosophical subject, but, no less real, and ignorance of which causes great suffering. There is a pathological fear of death that most people have.


It seems that the function I serve is to provide information and to stimulate the desire in people, to think ‘out of the box of limitations,’ and to inspire people to be open to new information, and new possibilities, that they have not yet considered. If people just learned from history, over the centuries, they will find that that there are three stages of reaction to, seemingly, new ideas, as follows;

  1. Absolute rejection of the ‘new idea.’
  2. To destroy the idea and the promoter of such idea.
  3. Accepting and adopting the idea.

We have seen this is the fields of science, medicine, energy, physics, genetics, and so on. When people actually pay attention to the evolution of ideas and concepts that oppose conventional thought, suffering will ease, and there will be much more progress and harmony on our planet.

I do not speak from hearsay, as everything I talk about is derived from my own, personal and subjective experiences. For instance, I have been in the Alternative/Complementary Healing Arts for many years, and I have also been a Clinical Hyponotherapist. Furthermore, I became a vegetarian, and later, a vegan, and I have experienced the positive results in improved mental health, psychological health and physiological health. Therefore, I say to you, look to your dietary lifestyle, if you want to improve your health. If you are an animal flesh eater, learn how the animals are raised and treated, and then slaughtered. I did so, and I even visited an abattoire/slaughter house, and if you have not, you have no idea what goes on in such dreadful places. Learn how the animals are maintained, what medical drugs are administered, like antibiotics, bovine growth hormones, polluted food, incorrect food, and being closely confined. Therefore, if you are to eat such meat, choose organic, free range, grass fed cattle, and a humane way of death. This is such an emotive subject, and which demands discussion and dialogue, so as to facilitate positive change.

Positive change is what is required for the human condition to improve, so that more people can thrive instead of just surviving. For this to happen, people are to change their thoughts, words and actions. For, if you continue with the same, the results will be the same. Change your thoughts, words and actions, and your life will change accordingly. If you really want to change, decide, choose an intention, follow it through and enjoy the benefits. My books and I are here to be of some assistance, and inspiration to do such, just as there are others who offer the same information. Whatever humanity chooses to do, as individuals and as a society, this is the time we are to experience the results of our thoughts, words and actions, or the lack thereof.

Dr. Samuel Johnson is reputed to have said: “Be sure to perform they allotted task, while it is yet day!”

Anthony Altman

18th March, 2020.

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