Blog #14, New Year 2020!

Blog #14, New Year 2020!

Anthony Altman

Blog #14, New Year 2020!

Blog#14, New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

What was 2019 like for you and me?

What can we expect in 2020, or better said, what can we do to improve ourselves, thus ensuring a really positive and wonderful 2020?

This Blog is meant to be an inspiration to all those who seek such inspiration, and for those who require some impetus to motivate themselves. It is also meant for those who are unaware, that they have a choice, a choice to choose what kind of reality they would like to experience. However, such choice can only originate from within each one of us, and not from the dictates of those who tell us they know what is good for us. This is my synopsis of my year, 2019, warts and all, including the highlights. Let me know what you feel about this Blog.

As you may know, I have been a vegetarian since January, 2008, and early in 2017, I became a Vegan. I did so for two main reasons;

  1. I just could not stomach (no pun intended) eating dead animal flesh anymore, which my body was rejecting. I continued to dally with cheese and eggs, but my body rejected that also. As soon as I gave all that up and maintained a plant based dietary lifestyle, my health began to improve significantly. In order to eat wisely, I required dietary knowledge, which I found with the Ayurveda Dietary Lifestyle, and constitutionally, I am extremely healthy, and healthier than most of my carnivorous peers. At 74 years of age, I do not suffer any disease or illness, and I do not take any medical drugs, nor do I take any vaccinations for the flu or any other condition.
  2. I could not support the animal cruelty that is plainly evident in most animal farming for food, including the dairy industry. I have done my research and due diligence, and I have also been inside an abattoire/slaughterhouse, which still haunts me to this day. I noticed that those who slay the animals become like automatons. They close off their emotions and do the job without feeling, love or compassion. I know far too much about energy, karma, and conscious awareness to know that what people eat in addition to the flesh they consume, is the energy of fear, suffering, together with all the animals’ chemicals such as vast amounts of adrenaline and other chemicals associated with a violent death. Such will, no doubt, have the effect of stimulating that primitive aspect of human behavior, thus limiting their ability, if they have the desire, to raise their consciousness. Furthermore, according to my research, and I am willing to discuss this with anyone, the human digestive tract is not designed to digest animal flesh.

These are the factors that guided me to become a vegan, even though this did occur in the winter of my life.

In 2018 my wife, Avigail, chose to become a vegetarian by her own volition, without any pressure from me.

In 2019;

I began using a slow cooker/Crockpot to cook stews during the winter. This was to find a suitable way to cook the various beans that, I, a Vata Constitution, could eat. I also like cooking at low temperatures, so that the integrity of the food is not compromised. Vitamins are very sensitive to heat. This has been, and continues to be a great success.

All of the above has much to do with the three-dimensional realm of material form, and while it is important for us to master, it is nevertheless the least important. This is because creation takes place on the subtle level of energy and consciousness, which can only be developed and utilized from deep within each one of us. Therefore, the following is what I experienced on the meta-physical level of life, which we may also term, ‘spiritual.’

Some years ago, Mars went retrograde (astrology), and ever since that time I have been beset by immense cycles of learning, healing, resolving and releasing. I refer to all that which limits me and prevents me from being my True, Authentic Self, which, is NOT the body. The ‘I’ resides in the body, ‘me.’ The ‘me’ really prospers when it is united, consciously, with the ‘I.’ So, 2019 continued to be a year of facing my challenges, my weakness, the remaining skeletons in my internal closet, changing unwanted, redundant programming, and resolving past life karma, including karma created in this life. Needless to say, this activity absorbed my full attention, and then some. I made some breakthroughs, and was suitably rewarded with some expanded awareness, but, my ego got a bit ahead of itself, and I learned some more of my life lessons. I learned not to rest on my laurels, and to take the momentum and go for the pot of spiritual gold, and that is my credo, whatever I am able to achieve. That was a great awareness in itself.

I was able to complete the sixteen books I have written on awareness, consciousness, re-incarnation, karma, life purpose, Starseeds,Iindigos, and which provided a wide variety of tools, techniques, practices and modalities that helped me in my journey to find my True and Authentic Self. All in all, my books contain sixty two years of learning, suffering, achieving, practicing, and application. These books are available on my website,

I made videos, which also feature on my website, also completed last year, and I began to formulate the plan to give workshops in Israel, UK, and the USA to share all that which I have learned. However, Creation had other ideas, and I was guided to continue working on myself, and wait until a more auspicious time to proceed with the workshops. So, I plowed myself into a deeper pursuit of healing, releasing and resolving those issues that continue to limit me. The results are simply astounding, and as I learn much more, I realize I know less than I thought I did. The fact that the acquisition of knowledge inculcates the awareness that I know nothing, compared to what IS, is an incredible realization. It certainly helps to put the ego into perspective.

I began to withdraw in to myself, my deeper Self, and that is why I did not even write my monthly newsletters for several months. I began to disengage from the trauma/drama of life, at least what I am able to observe in the world. This trauma drama is relative to the suffering of billions of people worldwide, the continuous and senseless wars being waged everywhere, people dying, people being maimed, animals being slaughtered for their horns, their tusks, or any other ridiculous incentive. This trauma drama includes the lies and deception that is perpetrated by the shadowy few who control the masses, and the people are just beginning to realize this. Hooray! This trauma drama included the delusion that if we cease emitting carbon gasses all will be well on our planet. This delusion is accepted by far too many people, the very people who, on the other hand, do not demonstrate at the senseless destruction of the planet’s rainforests, known to be the ‘Lungs’ of our planet, and which, if enlarged, rather than destroyed, would adequately convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen, because that is what trees do.

While people and governments are scrambling to have electric cars, so that we do not have to burn fossil fuel, they forget that electricity is still generated with the use of burning coal in many countries, even as they say they want to close down all coal mines. Such people are also unaware that, according to statistics, about one billion animals are reared, mostly by cruel artificial insemination, each and every year, and which are slaughtered for human consumption. The flatulence created by such a huge number of animals is supposed to be greater than the carbon footprint of all the cars on the planet combined. This also includes the faeces produced, which also pollutes the rivers, the waterways, and the land. The disposal of the discarded remnant flesh contributes to overwhelming the planet’s ability to process such huge quantities of contamination. The absurdity is that, there has been alternative forms of free, non-polluting energy for many, many years, which have all, hitherto, been suppressed in favour of burning fossil fuels. I will give you a good example of the deception perpetrated upon us all. Up to a few years ago the use and possession of Marijuana, Cannabis was a punishable offence that imprisoned the hapless user by many years in prison. Now, in many states of the USA, and in other places, it is perfectly legal, and even encouraged. Why the change of law? What happened? In 1935 it was known that Cannabis oil healed cancer, and yet it was denied us, even on a medical basis. Rick Simpson, the Canadian, was able to help thousands of cancer sufferers with CBD oil, and the government persecuted him, in recent times. I can quote the same story of Dr. Royal Rife and his frequency machine, Dr. Hulda Clark who was known to be able to cure cancer that was caused by worm parasites, and she also had a frequency zapping machine. Both Rife and Clark were imprisoned by the USA legal system at the time. The very same thing happened to Nikola Tesla, and the list is long. So, why is there, all of a sudden, this fear of doom involving carbon dioxide? Why the hype about climate change?  Do the people not know that the planet regularly goes through shifts and changes going back many millions of years, and continues to this day?

The reason why I mention all this is to bring some degree of logic to our awareness. If we really want to reduce our carbon footprint, why stop at burning fossil fuels? What about the on-going tragedy of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan, that has, to all intents and purposes poisoned the Pacific Ocean?

So, in the final analysis, what can be done? What can we, individual people, do about the seeming plight of humanity? Well, I am glad I asked that question, for here is my answer…

Any society of people is made up of individuals. Our human society has tried to legislate law and order, happiness, kindness, peacefulness, prosperity, good health, all while the people in control have been doing the opposite. In any event you cannot legislate a better way of living. It has been tried for hundreds and thousands of years, and if you care to look at history, you will find that all such endeavours ended in dismal failure. To have a happy society we are to make up that society with happy people. In other words, happy people make a happy society without legislation. The very same philosophical truth includes, peacefulness, good health, prosperity (on all levels), love and compassion. The one area that humanity, as a whole, has not investigated on a national, global level is the field of Consciousness. For those who do not know what consciousness is, and are reading this, I have written a book about it, doing my best to explain it in lay-man’s terms. It is not my job to teach anyone how and why they should develop their own conscious awareness. That is a job for each individual, and my job is to do that for myself. However, I can and do provide information upon which anyone can act, if they so choose.

In the latter part of 2019, I was really learning some deep lessons, and then we had the astrological influences which include a solar eclipse, and much more. Even though I am not an astrologer, I do appreciate the influences, and how we can utilize that energy to develop our potential. I am unable to give you specific examples of my recent lessons, because they are extremely personal, and very deep, but, suffice for me to say that, the benefits are coming in and are beyond my wildest dreams. Each of us walks an individual path, which is a personal journey, and such is unique to each one of us. There is no comparison, as we are all different, with different issues to resolve. The more I learn, the more I realise that whatever we are thinking, saying, writing and doing, are all irrelevant, and to go deeper. Much deeper! I have already posted a video on my website, on the Videos Page, entitled, The Pathless Path. This will give you some idea of the journey.

In conclusion, I invite all who would accept my invitation, to join me on their Pathless Paths, as all Pathless Paths lead to exactly the same destination, which is indescribable, because it is beyond thought and words. It is that place where peace and love reign supreme, and it already resides deep within each one of us. All we are to do, is BE that, which is within each one of us. Instead of looking for gratification on the outside, go within!

I have also arrived at the understanding that most people do not know what their purpose is in this life. They are not even aware that there might be a grand purpose, greater than working, paying bills, getting married and having children. I have just begun writing a book that offers insight into the purpose of our human existence. Everyone has a purpose, a calling, and when you find out what that is, and you choose to follow that, and do what you love and love what you do, your life is a great success, whether you make bags of money or not!

I wish you a very Happy  New Year, with expanded Conscious Awareness, and Raised Consciousness, whereby, we can each make such an incredibly positive contribution to life on earth, that, the positive change be organic, easy and in a Divine and Perfect Way. It is understood that when 1% of the human population can BE that, this will create a wave of energy that will stimulate many more to do likewise. Many will be lifted up, and suffering will diminish. They call it a Golden Age. Yes! It is possible, and we can do it, if we choose.



1st January, 2020.



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