Blog #11, Who Am I?

Blog #11, Who Am I?

Anthony Altman

Blog #11, Who Am I?

Blog #11, Who Am I?

Let me first mention who you are not!

You, and all other Human Beings are not the following;

  1. What you see in the mirror.
  2. The Ego.
  3. Your Emotions.
  4. Your mind.
  5. Any belief you have adopted.
  6. Any pattern of behavior you have adopted.
  7. Any sub-conscious programme that you have adopted.


I will explain further; What you see in the mirror is your physical body that is motivated by your soul and spirit, which, if removed, life of the body ceases instantly. What is the soul and the spirit? Well this is an excellent subject for you and all of to educate ourselves as much as we can. I am happy to discuss this with anyone who is sincerely interested, otherwise, it is best to enlighten yourself accordingly. The body is a temporary vehicle for the soul and spirit so that you may be able to resolve all your accumulated karma, over many lifetimes, apart from this incarnation. The body also allows you to learn the Life Lessons you chose to subject yourself to, before you were born, and to resolve those lessons you failed to triumph over in past incarnations. This human body is an excellent means by which one can evolve in consciousness, and that is why billions of souls from all over the Omniverse are lining up to incarnate on Planet Earth. Yes, they must be deranged!?!? As soon as an individual expression of consciousness, which is more or less your true identity, evolves sufficiently, such a being moves on to higher frequencies of vibration. Others, who do not evolve that much, will leave the body, transition in what many call death, only to prepare, in the spirit realm, for their re-entry into this three dimensional school, where, hopefully, they will, eventually, learn what they are to learn.


The ego is part of the mind, and as such is part of all the programming, conditioning and limitations that the individual agrees to adopt, and be conditioned and limited. The ego, therefore is not a representation of the individual, but, rather, a very good representation how that person has been programmed, conditioned and limited. Unfortunately, most human beings are taught to obey their ego, and then they wonder why they suffer so much. Many people are taught in spiritual circles, even by the gurus, to dominate the go and subjugate it, which I totally disagree with. The ego, is a natural part of the mind, but, becomes life damaging when it learns how to be life damaging. My recommendation is to raise consciousness, and elevate the ego to a higher frequency. I call it a promotion! Without the ego, you would most likely lose the fight or flight response, and other responses that can save your life. The ego can be a great and helpful tool, when it is taught to be life supporting.



2nd September, 2019.

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