Anthony Bennett Altman

Anthony Bennett Altman with his wife Avigail

I was born in the United Kingdom in 1945, raised in South Africa, returned to England, lived in Spain and the USA, am widely travelled, including  sojourns in France and India, and I now reside in Israel, with my wife Avigail, and two kittens, Arthur & Merlin.

I have spent 62 years of my life learning from my life lessons, while also learning the techniques, modalities and practices that have helped me to balance myself much more, improve my health significantly, transform weakness into strength, and transform ignorance into knowledge and wisdom. I applied all that I had learned in my Healing Arts Practice and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, helping as many people as I could.

Having had many teachers and experiences on my journey in Self-Healing and knowledge of mySelf, I now write books on Self-Healing, Self-Help, Self-Improvement and Self-Empowerment. I also make videos of inspiration and motivation, provide video and audio guided meditations, write Blogs, and host Webinars.

The knowledge, wisdom and experience I have achieved was by diligent immersion in many healing disciplines, techniques and modalities, some of which include:

  1. Retired Teacher of Transcendental Meditation (since 1976, and meditating since 1971)
  2. Clinical Hypnotherapist (Retired) – specializing in past life therapy
  3. Being a Vegan and an Ayurveda Dietary Lifestyle cook
  4. Laughter Yoga Group Leader
  5. Reiki Third Degree (retired)
  6. Reflexologist (retired)
  7. Plus, other self-help/self-improvement courses, practices and disciplines that helped me to raise my consciousness and expand my conscious awareness.

I am not a teacher, or a guru! I am, however, more of a philosopher, a spiritual pilgrim, a messenger, who provides information & knowledge, that can help people help themselves.

My intention and joy is to help inspire Positive Intention in as many people as possible!

The Reasons Why I Write Books on Self-Healing & Self-Help

I have always had a feeling that I was born to contribute something of value, and this developed into the inspiration and motivation to find the ways and means to be of service to others, while I was healing myself, balancing myself, and resolving issues of limitation within myself. I never really knew what form my service was to be, although I did work in the Healing Arts with the desire to help people heal themselves. I even went to school at the age of fifty four to become a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist. It was not until, after healing many of my own traumas and dramas of life, did I emigrate to Israel, and it was here, in this land fraught with trial and tribulation, that my further healing completed much of itself.

Here is my story, that I have only been willing to share very recently.

I was born to dysfunctional parents, and I learned the ways of such dysfunction, which manifested in various forms. My dysfunction was such that I attracted similarly dysfunctional people to me, as I was attracted to them, in accord with the Universal Law of Attraction, because I adopted the erroneous beliefs that I was inferior, that I was inadequate and not good enough, and consequently, I lived in fear. I even married what I feel were dysfunctional women, with whom I had three children, who, also learned the ways of dysfunction. After my last divorce, I embarked upon an intense journey to transform my dysfunction into function, imbalance into balance, inadequacy into adequacy, inferiority into loving myself, fear into courage, ill-health into well-being, resolving much of my accumulated Karma through remorse, forgiveness, expanding my conscious awareness, and raising my consciousness. Indeed, I am very happy to acknowledge that I have been quite successful in these endeavours.

Richard, my middle child, suffered greatly from his learned dysfunction, and perhaps, he suffered more than his two siblings, because he was extremely sensitive to all that he was experiencing, about which he was ill-equipped to resolve. There is much more to this story, but, suffice to say that Richard found his way into the allopathic medical system which diagnosed his condition as schizophrenic psychosis, and put him on two psychotic drugs for ten years. The effects of this medication were extremely deleterious to his health, but, it did seem to provide him with the means to cope with everyday life. He was then re-examined ten years later, and it was found that he was suffering from a sleeping disorder, for he could not sleep, especially at night, and when he could sleep it was only during the day. Obviously, to me, there was a psychological component demonstrated by such symptoms, born of some trauma that he experienced during his earlier years, that I did not know about, and was never addressed. It became apparent that living without sleep for so many years was the probable cause of the symptoms that gave rise to his misdiagnosis. Regrettably, the damage had already been done, and in June, 2013, Richard took a nap on his couch, in his flat (apartment), in England, and never woke up. The coroner/medical examiner gave pneumonia as the cause of death, which I do not accept, as I spoke to Richard on the telephone a few days prior to his death, and he was in good physical health. I concluded that he had given up hope, and his body, likewise gave up, and he returned home, to spirit, prematurely, at the age of thirty three years.

I feel Richard did not have the wherewithal to help himself, and he had no recourse to any alternative methods of healing assistance, other than the allopathic, standard medical system, in which he became lost. I did endeavor to help him, but, unfortunately, many children seem to have a tendency to ignore advice offered by their parents.

It is my wish that others know that they can heal themselves, triumph over their challenges. and release their limitations, if they choose to do so. I have been quite successful in such endeavours, and I feel others can do likewise. I do know what it is like to lose a child, and to see the effects of a person’s suffering, simply because they do not know what to do to help themselves. It is, therefore, my heartfelt wish, that all who are unwell, and who seek appropriate assistance for their highest good and well-being should be able to find such assistance with ease. This is why I was prompted to write sixteen books on Self-Help, Self-Healing, and Self-Improvement, and create this website for you to access and avail yourself of whatever may be of assistance to you. I sincerely hope my books, and all that this website offers can help you find the answers and the resolutions you may be seeking. In the event you know someone else who suffers, perhaps you will pass this information on to them. I also welcome sincere enquiries by those who wish to heal themselves, and we can enter into a mutually beneficial dialogue.

Thank you

Anthony Bennett Altman, June, 2019, and revised 17th April, 2020.