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I welcome you to my website, and hope you are able to find a book and information that is helpful to you. The work I do is like planting trees so that others may enjoy the shade.

Anthony Altman

My life journey, as a Capricorn, was to climb my own mountain of life experiences and life lessons, which I have done and continue to do. Now, the Game of Life has changed, and I feel that everything has progressed to fulfil the course charted by the Group Mind of Humanity, which differs from what more Consciously Aware individuals have aspired to achieve on a personal level. Those who have not yet climbed their own mountain of personal fulfilment, or have unclear intentions, are to follow the group mind wherever it may take them. Everything we are experiencing at this time is the result of whatever we have done or not done. This is the moment of truth for Humanity as a whole, and for individuals! (11th July, 2019)


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Comments about Blogs/Articles:

“Awesome! Its truly amazing piece of writing, I have got much clear idea concerning from this article.” NSS (USA). Comment regarding my Blog/Article # B9, Three Groups of People.


“Very informative, and exceptionally insightful!! Brilliant!” CK (USA). Comment regarding my Blog/Article # B12, Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy: What it is & Is Not!


“This is very intriguing and deeply thought provoking to ponder upon. I think this is something I’d also like to explore. I believe as you do that speech and frequency and vibration are all connected and likely has much more to learn about than I know presently. Loved the tone of this message my friend.” SP (USA). Comment on Blog/Article # B4, The Perfection of Speech.


l would like to congratulate you Anthony. You have certainly become a very fine “Lion”;  gentle, kind, and really great, and such a good advert for your thought provoking work. Well done, Anthony.  JK (Israel)

Testimonial for my e-book, The Mouse Became The Lion, which now is titled, The Autobiography of a Spiritual Warrior.



“I had the privilege to review Anthony Altman’s “52 Healing Techniques for Everyone” (now out-of-print).  The book is just what the title says – for everyone. The author is a highly experienced healing practitioner and also brings to light of his very own personal experiences, this book is certainly in the category of recommended reading. BDK, PhD (Israel). This book, now out-of-print, has since been vastly expanded, and morphed into several books, providing much more information, knowledge, techniques, modalities and tools for those who wish to Self-Heal/Improve. Please visit the Bookstore.

A Healing Experience.

“I had the pleasure of receiving a healing session from Anthony Altman for a type of regression healing. Anthony is very professional and compassionate, taking time to really listen to what is being said and even to what isn’t being said. He was able to look beyond the way I was seeing or perceiving an issue to present a different perspective in a way that it made more sense to me. Deeper understanding which helps with acceptance and release. It was to strengthen weakness and to tend to unhealed issues which were still presenting. He was wonderful at guiding me to where I needed to go to do the work. I found it very helpful.” JP (USA)

I include this testimonial, even though I no longer offer healing sessions, in support of my experience and expertise of all that I offer in my e-books, Blogs/Articles & Videos.